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CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Frederic Vidal’s 1st US Senate Campaign Press Release Gets 141 Views In 1 Week !! VOTE VIDAL November 2 In California!

1,472,503 Views Today For Mike Fuller Blog!! 14,455 Views For Fred Kelly’s Bramstocker On Youtube (Here Comes The Night)! 141 Views In One Week For Frederic Vidal First Senate Election Press Release! Thank You Everybody! The Campaign Begins For The U.S. Senate All Over California And All Around The United States!! Vote For The Candidates Who Are Republican But Not Only Like Fred Vidal, PhD!! November 2 Will Be Our Definitive And Real Victory!

Albert Greenwood Brown

Meg Whitman:

Jerry Brown:

WHITMAN-BROWN: The debate was a disappointment yesterday, November 28, on the air. No Pizza time, just Cold Water!!

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A Media War against Warren Buffett and Its Prudential Real Estate Company, The Hollywood Chamber Leron Gubler invited to resign, Fred Vidal, PhD stops his movie and music Career!! It’s on Twitter today!

Blake Lively and her manager Justin Stone never called back the candidate for the US Senate in California since September 2009: Why? She is a bad actress who deserves something worse, to call back directors ready to shoot more dangeruous movies than her latest disaster, about violence and illegality. The love story is over, Fred will never marry Blake Lively!! Thank you God! What a shame for the Film industry community that organized the silence and the sabotage around the writer of FRENCH COP and VELVET EYES, before he began his political career definitely, September 9, by recording offically his candidacy in the Los Angeles County: Write-In Candidate, Independent because he stopped his Republican membership, Frederic Vidal is now ready to attract enough voters to get the seat of Democrat Barabara Boxer, a Barack Obama sponsored old Senator of California. The Motto of Mile Fuller, CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Is Now The Program Of a First Meeting With His New Diva, Rachel McAdams, The Sea Join California To Canada, 2 parts of our Great Continent: America!!

Rachel McAdams Inspired Mike Fuller, future President of The United States according to politics Specialists, for Several Texts that created the World success of A Blog That Reaches now 1.5 Million views! The Hollywood Routine did not understand Enough that A possible Change of Mind Of The US Senatorial candidate with the Name of Fred Vidal, PhD Would create a Wave of News Regarding His program For November 2, Dedicated to the People Who are Fascinated by The Young Actress. Lively is the Past, McAdams the Future Of The East and West Coast Communication Industry, Connected to The Sea!

With The New Tom Cruise “Knight And Day” And A Trailer Online Beginning Today, April 15, Fred Vidal PhD Builds Step By Step His Spring House That Begins With Some Great LA Events And More Press Releases About Politics And Career Achievement Of The Founder Of TiMeFrAmEs!

Breaking News (April 16):
Airports Close for Second Day as Ash Spreads Over Europe

A Crisis In The European Sky That Means There Is Something Wrong With The Planet Coordination For Humans and Technology! We Gonna Fix It!! "As a giant plume of volcanic ash continued across the continent, European authorities said flights would not return to normal until Saturday at the earliest." IHT

The Trailer Of My CRUISE, A Tom’s Story:

Knight And Day, Night And Day, Everyday and Even All Day Long, except Sundays and Other Days with No Sun when The Sky Is Looking Like a Knight, My Tom Cruise Is The Right Night Man who Believes In the Universe Even If He is The Best Friend of Mine when I am With Mike Fuller And Fred Kelly Watching One of His Movies, VALKYRIE for instance That is great Piece Of Picture Art! I Begin The Ceremony of the Spring Time with Funny Afternoons in some Theaters of The Los Angeles Bay Area!

TOM CRUISE in Your Theater JUNE 25 And Everyday After!!!

Cameron Is My Corazon And The Cruise will Last forevEr! Tom iS The Producer OF the FilM!

Free Comic Book Day: MAY DAY, The First!

Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books: April 24 and 25!

GATHERING MAGIC, Rise of the Eldrazi release date is April 23!

Mike Fuller, The California Candidate For 2010 (Congress) and 2012 (White House), Is Promoting Nationwide his Great List Of Reforms and Projects To be Realized When He will Be Elected: The List Of The Newspapers who are Receiving His Communiques!

A Good News In The Press Industry:

Gannett (USA Today, Detroit Free Press) profit jumps 51 percent!!!

  • Fundraising Program:
    For The Senate To Have Its Own MIKE!!

    Fuller Calls His Timeframes
    Team Of Actresses and Actors who Support
    Him Everyday On The Internet!

Fred Vidal PhD Begins His FundraisinG PrograM Today By Sending A Message To All His Friends On His Popular Blog For A Financial Support In Order To Get An AMTRAK Ticket To DC (humor!) For The Next Senate Year As The California Elected Member!! Rachel McAdams, Yvonne Strahovsky, Kate Cassidy and so many other great Actresses and actors will be invited to participate in the Big Budget with a few money and a lot of ideas in order to win in November (and first in June, and every Month!!) and to offer a New Job to Barbara Boxer, the present Senator: to prepare 2012 With Us, For a Republican to be The Next President: The Open MIKE!!!

  • Fred Kelly (aka Mike & Fred) Recommends:
    (friends, partners, contacts VIP and Strategy)

KICK-ASS, The Movie To Prepare The Future Of ComicS!!
A John Romita Jr. Masterpiece that makes the new rules of the Comic Code A Game for Teenagers who Believe in Strong Action and Cool Comments!

DRAGON, My Hero, Already Billionaire, Like my Best Friends who Prepare the Future with This Great Monster of The Screen who Believes In Entertainment In 3D!!

A Film and Video Production and Post Company and Burbank Selected By Timeframes LLC to work on the AD-FILM “Drugs Mean Death!”
2817 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank

A Company For Sign & Graphic Solutions Made Simple: 
Dustin Eshelbrenner, Owner
11404 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Western Regional Office In San Francisco SUPPORTING THE PEAK!!!

Thanks To My Action With The Formula One Pilot Nelson Piquet Jr., The Population Has 15 more days to find Enough Money to Get The Cahuenga Peak and Prevent The Brokers To Build Houses There, Before The Proposed Relocation of The HollywooD Sign In Nevada for A Cultural Mount Lee And Cahuenga Peak, for nature, animals and Arts! Christo, the Contemporary Artist is invited to think About it! A Project of LARRY KING LIVE about The Sign/Peak Issue is Scheduled Next Week!  
Exclusive Affiliate of CHRISTIE’S GREAT ESTATES,
Call Rebecca Ross, Director-Corporate Estates

Mike Fuller Is Preparing for The Goethe Institu a Conference about WW2 and The Financial Results Of The War regarding The War and The Jewish Assets stolen By The Nazis!!

In Studio City, the Location that proposes the Best Thai SPA Massage, and a lot of other services for the People of The TV/Film Casts and Crews!

11440 Ventura Blvd.. Studio City, CA 91604
My Bank That Is The Bank of every Musician, Producer, Director Member of Their Guild!!

SUBWAY Restaurant, A Store That Gives You The Best Sandwiches in Town!

99 Cents only, A Supermarket That Is My Great Location to find Inspiration On Sunset When I have The time To share My Ideas with other Consumers!

My Bank and I like it with the musicians, the producers and directors of the Guilds that propose you to be a member of this great Credit Union!

U.S. BANK! The Bank Of Timeframes LLC, it is the Bank That is more U.S. than anything else On Earth and abroad!

2, The second IRON MAN Movie, I am a part of it and I don’t regret that time, When I was An actor!!

Gwyneth, I will Never Forget that Summer 2009 When I Met you On A Set With Tony Stark!!” Mike Fuller, PhD

GCT VIVA Cell phone services!

MetroPCS provides the freedom to enjoy flexible wireless calling with no signed contracts and truly unlimited local and long-distance service.

This fantastic Comic Is Mad By Blake Leibel, Patrick Blaine and Steve Skroce

The Director Of KnIgHt AnD DaY: James Mangold!

James Mangold, My Friend in Another Galaxy, On TiMeFraMeS, In a Continuum Of Fidelity For The Talent And The Pleasure To Work Online On Myspace In A Dream Of Reality And Ice broken By The Fact WE ARE ONE if We Think Twice, this is something I Can Do When I'm Happy! And I am.

Cameron Diaz,
(song of mine from 2000)!

Jean-Francois Pinton, A French Researcher In Physics!
Fred Vidal PhD is preparing a Research Program Mixing Political Science And Physics About:
with UCLA and Pepperdine University!!

On MY NEW AMERICA! On MySpace And Youtube, Mike Fuller Is Developing His PrograM ActioN For June/November For A State Of California No More Managed By Democrats Of The Congress aND a Pro-George W Bush Attitude And Fidelity:

On Twitter FV:

Warning: The New Hollywood, TIMEFRAMES, Has No Competitors That Can Use Its Name. There Is Only One TIMEFRAMES LLC And Imitators = Criminals.


The PRIMETIME Brigade: TIMEFRAMES 2010 Selection By Mike Fuller Of The Top Actresses For The New Step In The Post-Hollywood Film Industry In America!


Bridget Fonda Is The Lady Who Can Change Hollywood With TIMEFRAMES As She Represents The New face Of The Movie Industry! She was, She Is, She'll Be!


Rachel McAdams, Victim Of A Very Bad Movie By The Worst Hollywood (SHERLOCK HOLMES) Is Still The Great Actress Who Can Have An Academy Award For The Space-Time Travel Masterpiece Released Last Summer!Number Three: SIENNA MILLERSienna Miller, A Perfect Mind For The Aura Of A Star (Aura: An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation. A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere). She's The G.I. Joe Lead That TIMEFRAMES LLC Wants In Its Projects For The Decade! (01/01/10)


Sienna Miller, The Great Actress Of GI Joe Is The Best Choice Of TIMEFRAMES LLC For Its Activity Of Star Promotion Because She Will Do The Sequel And Win In The Industry With A Nationwide Partnership Called The Moviegoers. She has The Magic Touch, A Gifrt Of Charisma!


Agnes Brucker, A Future Star Supported By TIMEFRAMES LLC, Not Enough Famous Because Of The Bad Choice Of The Casting Directors In The 2000's. She Will Be The One For The Box Office This Decade, According To Mike Fuller, PhD!


Ali Larter, A Star Of Heroes Like Hayden Panettiere, She Deserves More And TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Offer Her A Movie Deal Before 2010 Because She Is A Probable Feature Film Blockbuster Deal!


Estella Warren Is An Excellent Actress And A Protege Of God And The New Hollywood: TIMEFRAMES That Has No Competitors To Use Its Name Except Criminals! Obviously, Estella Could Be A Singer Too For A Music Deal Organized By Us Or With Our Collaboration, A Direct One!


ROCK IS DEAD BuT LiV Tyler Is Alive And Will Be A Lady With A Better Part In The Time Frames Of The 2010's Because Mike Fuller Wants It!

ROCK IS DEAD BuT LiV TyleR Is Alive And Will Be A Lady With A Better Part In The Time Frames Of The 2010’s Because Mike Fuller Wants It!

The Search Engine GOOGLE Didn’t Continue The Image Results Featuring On Fred Vidal Web Results First Page Because Of A Miscommunication, According To TIMEFRAMES!

Article In Progress.

Happy Bill of Rights Day! Yes, 218 years ago to the day, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution took effect, following their ratification by three-fourths of the states.

Rachel McAdams, She Is Our Web Future Number One Star Because Rachel Is An Interactive TV 2010’s Locomotive!


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