Velvet Eyes: David Carradine Inspires An Episode: ‘Berlin-Moscow: A Train From The New World Never Stops’  And Will Play A Part In The Film-Novel If Fred Vidal, PhD Succeeds to Get His Family Agreement For PC Acting!

The text of this episode today with the explanation about post-mortem careers in the film industry thanks to the new Hollywood technics.

TV Heroes Can Always Live

In the new world, your image means a capital that is possible to negotiate now with the specialists of the licensing for motion pictures. It needs a little more and some new films to have that strategy to be understood as the most important because the computers are able to feature you in the scenes without yourself, thanks to the High Tech formats that are developed in Hollywood. Fred with a PhD in Communication Science wants to be a pioneer in this empowerment of your career by giving to everybody the right to play as a professional actor, even if the person passed away. This rebirth program code is PC Acting. David Carradine, Ricardo Montalban, John Wayne, Charlton Heston and a few others could be perfect for a career after life if Hollywood and Vidal Companies are able to organize this evolution to FRANCHISES That are For The LEGENDS.

A great Episode of The Velvet Eyes, #7 with the whole story now on:

Vevet Eyes was a sweet fellow when he had a break at the train station. His Leather Gloves was waiting at home for the mail to come when one day they received a phone call from a friend who was not a friend. His name was Otto Von Sturmolt, a Japanese ambassador without an office in town because he was retired with his assistant and kind of sister, Sabrina Milaket. She was in her 18’s, young woman and an adult raised by a family deal between Asia and Occident.

Velvet knew that a train was coming from Berlin to Moscow. It was a night train that arrived in the morning at the Prague station with only 2 passengers. They were looking like the others who were missing but they had the eyes red and plenty of souvenirs of their life before. Velvet knew that he had to speak with them to get the documents necessary for the US Embassy to prepare the map of the State of Liechstenstein, the true one without some missing places and unknown small towns, according to the specialists who didn’t know this Country.

The train was a ghost rider and the moon was still on location when Von Sturmolt arrived in the street and met a group of strangers with a strange attitude. Eyes said hello to the group and gives a kiss on the head of a small child who was waiting for his mother with the group. All at once, Otto gave him the right map in a small box and left for the train who was in Moscow 2 hours later thanks to a slow locomotive but not for everybody.

Fred Vidal, PhD
June 7, 2009
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David, a friend with a name, Carradine that will stay like a sign for the Hollywood one that shines like a Sun.

David, a friend with a name, Carradine that will stay like a sign for the Hollywood one that shines like a Sun.

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