D – 1117. He was our dad like no other. Thomas S. Foley, former House speaker, dies at 84. WP: ow.ly/pXokG FREDERIC VIDAL 2016

D – 1121. American Debt: what is doing Hillary Clinton to solve the problem with us? She’s just criticizing me. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

No more Shutdown in America, we want more power and budget for the Federation and respected Debt. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1123. Federal Debt cannot be¨Population Debt. Americans must send feedback to Washington to stop its increase. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016

D – 1128. Who will be candidate in 2016? Romney 3rd comeback, Rick Perry 2nd breakthrough, Newt last chance? FREDERIC VIDAL 2016!!!

October 1st, 2013. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016: Thanks GOP. The historic 2013 Shutdown is the best example of our difficulty to be the great Country we deserve.

D – 1134. Standoff as shutdown hits. http://www.washingtonpost.com  The Washington Post with FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1135. The election day will be the 4th of July second celebration for more United States in our America. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016. (September 30, 2013)

D – 1138. American Graffiti is my best movie Dream and Social Justice Campaign motto. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.


D – 1144. Mike Fuller is my fictitious name to be the next President not in a Film but at the White House. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1145. I believe in my band BRAMSTOCKER to record 13 albums before 2020 creating the FRENCH PUNK. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

9/19/2013. D – 1146. Baseball is the main US Super-Sport with Football, Basket and Hockey. Washington can support it. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.



D – 1146. Hollywood is the present Promised Land of America. There will be a Film about it for my Campaign. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

I want the United States of America to support and become a member of Francophonie (Games and Organization). FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1150. Let’s be Social-Republicans. Respect of Privacy of our Population is the condition of our Election. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

Diplomacy is stronger than war. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1152. BON JOVI, METALLICA, more US Rock Bands aren’t managing our Message since Woodstock: Peace and Love. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1155. Happy Birthday Presidential Candidate FREDERIC VIDAL. Hillary is The AMERICAN PIE, a Sweet Cake. FV 2016.

D – 1156. In 2013, Syria was the main international file for America. The Strikes issue vs Assad. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1156. September 10, 2013: Frederic Vidal is 54. In 2016, he will be 57. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1160. Third World: 1st problem to solve during my Presidency. More Fundings for Africa, Arabian Countries, Asia. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1163. LABOR IS US. Time: This Labor Day, Much of America Will Be Laboring.  FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

D – 1164. I support the right Syria without Assad. We need a new constitution there. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016. (9/1/2013)

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Twitter is the right site for Mike Fuller and his campaign in the B dimension for Frederic Vidal at the White House in 2017.

Twitter is the right site for Mike Fuller and his campaign in the B dimension for Frederic Vidal at the White House in 2017.

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