The Internet Revolution Is The Result of A Double Film About Roswell And Nuclear Franchise, Two Of A Kind Of Motion Picture That Break The Rules Of The Reality Show To Create Science Fiction!


In 1950, a family in America was always ready to go to the basement when necessary because of the COLD WAR in progress. Three years earlier, in 1947, the city of Roswell in New Mexico had a bad dream: an alien arrived not from Mexico but from probably another planet. It created a double reason why an amendment of the Constitution became necessary. No visitor from something else than Earth can immigrate in the United States, according to the regular Police, WRONG meant the Press. A Country like Russia is able to destroy a whole continent like the GOP one, 50 States together for nothing else than being afraid of a Hiroshima revenge for its entire population: unacceptable according to the International Law that was not followed anyway by the UN. Consequently, the last amendment of our Constitution must reinforce the Right to live and to become a citizen, even when there is a risk of war and a danger of invasion.

Roswell is a small town during the war and there is no reason to stay there more than two days when you are a tourist. In Russia, the main problem is the offensive of Adolf Hitler and of its Army including the great new Luftwaffe reactors of the Messerschmitt’s, planes of a generation that did not yet begin abroad like the V2s, high tech explosive rockets that were about to be built after the end of the conflict by the Soviet Union and the United States, hundreds of them because The Reich was the leader for the space.

The pilot of an Unidentified Flying Object did not decide by himself to land on our planet. It must have been certainly a mistake as he never sent a message to inform that he was inviting himself for a while that never ended. The being criticized not to be human by the Authorities was more than an animal, he was a driver, of a ship half destroyed because of the crash but obviously impossible to build on planet Earth, a too sophisticated produce of future technologies.

60 years later, I am not the only historian to compare the nuclear missiles inspired by the V2s until the present SS-20 and the US Army Pershing and the Roswell legacy, to believe in the life after us, the human kind is not alone in this galaxy and life must be shared with the aliens, that is to say we are cousins, part of the same continuum, genealogical tree.

2 films are under construction to propose the clear and necessary truth about it.

Frederic Vidal.

and Post-Scriptum France and USA.

Roswell, Part 2: the Alien Saga from Timeframes LLC to be written from WCD (the Washington Columbia District), before the White House for the President, our beloved Frederic Vidal from LA! Wikipedia:  wiki/Roswell_UFO_Incident

Thanks to the Press, in 1947 we knew immediately that something was right and wrong, the possible civilization from another planet than ours, where are these people from? We had to INVESTIGATE with the Army, especially hte Military Police and its headquarters, the Corps.

I believe in the US Air Force for this investigation that must  continue now as we need to know more about Aliens in order to be sure that they don’t exist maybe.  Films are not enough. The project is a CD-ROM to propose the whole content about communication from us to them, us the US, them, the ETs (extra-terrestrials).  This cannot stay ultra-secret.

Read these Wikipedia articles:

Thank you US AIR FORCE! Our 2012 culture has to be confirmed by our updated knowledge about UFOS as teenagers and young people are more and more possibly dilusional because of the movie industry that send them a message of brainwashing ans science fiction not appropriated to the 21st Century. We will make it work better with a Reform of the Cinema in North America and the reality about the X-Files and Roswell in the United States of the Constitution, not in another Country that would accept chaos and anarchy about these dangerous files for our Society.

More about Roswell:

Diffused by Ping (February 6, 2012): A French Cop universe historical feature film project by Frederic Vidal. ROSWELL UFO INCIDENT: the incident can be a reason why we believe in a progress that can change the world, TIMEFRAMES LLC means FACEBOOK plus WALL STREET for the IPO and Roswell will be the present time of the INTERVISION. Read the story of the Unidentified Flying Object that arrived on Earth from “somewhere else”: http://

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