South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is A Saturday And Not A Thursday As SC Is Third GOP Primary And Mike UFO Trip.

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In South Carolina, for the third Republican Primary, I think my favorite candidate Mike Fuller will win. FV
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FRENCH COP, Mike Fuller’s masterpiece, inspired by Shakespeare and K Dick will get the Academy Honorary Award during his Presidency. FK (25/01/2014)

Certains Républicains traitent les gens de la Contre-Culture comme des juifs. Ces antisémites de l’Amérique Alternative doivent nous dire ADIEU. Fred Kelly (25/01/2014)

Boehner is invited by the Mike Fuller Campaign YOUR NAME IS MIKE. (01/24/2014)

Reply to: Boehner likes Bush for 2016 but not endorsing.

South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is exactly in 2 years. Mike is our Microphone. LET’S VOTE AT 4. (23/01/2014)

Frederic Vidal Senator, Howard Hugues never did it. Mike Fuller, 4-5-6, LET’S DOT IT RIGHT: 2016. Republican Means Something Today. (23/01/2014)

John McCain is the origin of GOP falling down in the US as Mike Fuller is RP, Republican Party. Frederic Vidal

Reply to Washington Post: Romney strongly defends Christie’s handling of N.J. bridge scandal

ANTICIPATION, Fuller Game, 4-5-6, MUSE Music, Bush Out, McCain Down, Frederic Vidal Special Advisor of Next President if God Wants it or maybe Senator of Lousiana already in 2015.

The French devise is LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY. Let’s upgrade it with NOTORIETY.

11 years before 2025, there were 2 years before 2016 and 16 was already the Year of Fuller Consecration afther his Maine’s Victory for the House. Now the White was almost his  Other candidates did not wxant to play the background, so the reporters organized a casting with the population. The Primary was a so definitive copntext for the third time with Mike as their Outsider.


VZ-9A. AVROCAR Development sponsored by the US
Air Force
and the US Army.

“On February 11,  1953 The Toronto Star reported that a new flying saucer was being developed at the Avro-Canada plant in Malton, Ontario. On 16 February the Minister for Defense Production informed the House of Commons, in Ottawa, that Avro-Canada was working on a ‘mock-up model’ of a flying saucer, capable of flying at 1500 miles per hour (2400 km/h) and climbing vertically. The President of Avro-Canada wrote in AVRO NEWS that the prototype being built was “…so revolutionary that it would make all other forms of supersonic aircraft obsolete“. But by 1960 is was being officially claimed that the project had been dropped. The ‘prototype’ of the Avro flying saucer is now in the U.S. Air Force Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia.”


Google search VZ-9. AVROCAR

January 12, 2016 : Mike Fuller For New Hampshire Primary Is BRAMSTOCKER’s 13 Albums Collector.

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January 17: Reluctant reformer, this is the right definitioon of Barack Obama, a President before me. Mike Fuller, 4-5-6.
Reply to Leading the site: @BarackObama on #NSA: A reluctant reformer, by @joshgerstein

I am sure to be the winner tonight because I deserve it and my State, Maine, is close to New Hampshire where I had a second home during the last 2 years. It’s almost my home State and I want to thank all my voters who are real true Republicans. I write this text for a speech after the result but  I feel it from now without a fear to lose or to be declared wrong.

At that time, Il don’t know where I will be next year and it is exciting, amazing. The White House, I want it more than everything and I want to deserve it, it’s not a House to buy in Wisconsin or in Arkansas. anyway, I’m your next President and, I suppose, the winner of the Presidential election. On the agenda of this January 2016, there are now 2 more elections: South Carolina and Florida. There, I’m gonna continue to express my message: e = mc2, you are Fuller (if you want). Together, in these 2 States, we will belong really to the same Country. The United States are only one, 50 States that will never feel sorry.

I am tired at this point and want to have a break with a good phone call from France, for instance. There, I have a few friends, in Paris and in Nice, to interview about my present victory. I remember them at the beginning of my campaign in 14, they were terrified by my so little chance to get it, the post, the office of President. They wanted me chosen by Washington, it was not necessary. I send them a few kisses from my cheerleaders, great advisors from my campaign. Guys, you are my Lafayettes, knowing about the future. Ihear you from time to time remembering me Du Pont De Nemours. I appreciate your free spirit, Republicans.

Mike Fuller

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Il consiste en une grande avancée diplomatique et militaire pour la compréhension du phénomène Iranien d’Islam nucléaire. Mike Fuller (12/01/2014)

Reply to AFPFR: Iran: l’accord sur le nucléaire appliqué le 20 janvier

Another Bill for a Fan Club managed by Mike Fuller with his sense of opportunity. Fred Kelly (12/01/2014)

Reply to CNNPolitics: Gates says Clinton would make a good president.

Mike Fuller presents BRAMSTOCKER 13 Albums (fictional discography). Tracklistings by TIMEFRAMES LLC.

1. BRAMSTOCKER (1978).

2. Route 99 (1979).

3. Hello Decade (1981).

4. Promotional Boom (1984).

5. My Taylor Is My Guarantee (1985).

6. For Nothing (New) (1988).

7. I Was Brave and Polite (1990).

8. Decade of the 9’s (1991).

9. BRAMSTOCKER on Mars (1994).

10. BRAMSTOCKER in New York (1998).

11. BRAMSTOCKER’s North Pole (2001).

12. Moscow’s Stocker (2004).

13. The Last Possibility (2008).

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