Selena Gomez To Be The Hero Of PLANET(E), An Anti-Remake By TIMEFRAMES, The Hollywood Competitor?

Double planet: Two planets orbit their common centre of gravity (red). Author: Silver Spoon.

Double planet: Two planets orbit their common centre of gravity (red). Author: Silver Spoon.

This is a new step for the concept of Post-Hollywood: HOLLYWOOD DEAD. Now, begins the new Mike Fuller Franchise PLANET(E) “after the end of the humanity“.

Read the previous article about this great TV Show  story written by Mike Fulelr (Frederic Vidal), published July 30, 2012:

Selena Gomez at Tell Me Something I Don't Know from Another Cinderella Story Music Video Shoot in Northridge, CA.

Selena Gomez at Tell Me Something I Don’t Know from Another Cinderella Story Music Video Shoot in Northridge, CA.

Selena Gomez is the Star who represents the United States of tomorrow. I want her in my movie that can be a TV Show about a couple traveling outerspace from Eart to another location. It is after 2025, a real anticipation. This SciFi saga must be a masterpiece to promote during next year 2014, from now December 3, 2013.

I will be in touch with Selena to have her as my coproducer pretty fast if she is excited enough by a so great purpose: to imagine future as something else, new and true, after the diparition of our Planet, looking for another one.

The most important for the preparation of a Motion Picture is to have a Lawyer and really the right one, a Business Attorney. He or She will be my contact for Culture in America.

Frederic Vidal

The Danger of Marx in America.

Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial publication in February 1848 in London. February 1848.

Cover of the Communist Manifesto’s initial publication in February 1848 in London. February 1848.

My activity includes also Politics and my campaign is in progress to be supported and welcomed all over the USA as a brand new US Presidential candidate for the general election in November 2016.

Since September 1, I am organizing my communication on the Web thanks to WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and MySpace back plus some other social sites like Blip, Plurk and other blogs. The main articles (pots) about my Presidency project are the following ones, including first the WordPress publishing of my Twitter account diffusing my 2016 GOP Frederic Vidal Candidacy tweets, the content of my programs with so many mottos, ideas, drafts about décisions, political content, from September 1 to now, in progress in 2013, more and more in 2014.

The danger of a comeback of the Soviet Union is not in Russia but in our own Country, the USA. The Republican Party organization of the direction and the casting of the main leaders looks for me like Brejnev and partners, soviet style and apparatchiks. It must end and I want a Grand Old Party proud of its American Roots from Abraham Lincoln, the popular President to Dwight Eisenhower. Thanks to Ronald Reagan who was first Democrat but also an actor, we succeeded to sign a Nuclear deal with USSR last #1 Mikhaïl Gorbatchev. This historic summary makes a lot of senses and is not semi-fictional.

As a filmmaker ready to realize the great filming of PLANET(E), I must be in touch with our President Barack Obama to demand his recommandation because the present situation prevents me to do my job well, too much marxism also at the Democratic Party. We don’t want Communism in the US, just a great social mood and modernization respecting the American Dream.

I believe in the White House to promote my talent and to welcome my political career in order to be respected by the Republican Party and in Hollywood for my films.

Frederic Vidal
(Mike Fuller)

Soviet Union Organized His Death: The Truth About JFK Assassination, November 22, 50 Years Ago Yesterday!

John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. Pic by Cecil Stoughton, White House.

John F. Kennedy, photograph in the Oval Office. Pic by Cecil Stoughton, White House.

Since the Cuba Missiles crisis, the Communists had enough. John Kennedy was a President who had too much hate against the Soviets, traumatized by the McCarthy years in Hollywood where was living one of his advisers Marilyn Monroe. He was Democrat but enemy of Socilalism more than a Republican.

50 years later, as a Social Republican, member and strategist of the Parti Socialiste in France and pure Republican Candidate in America for the Presidential Election in 2016, I have the duty to communicate a new vision about this assassination that was not a disaster for the United States but a personal disaster for a man too much inspired by his name in History.

Another too ambitious project of J, the Moon, nothing less. NASA was not prepared for a so “impressive” program. And now, what is the result? Still a Debt to pay for the Federal Government. Satelllites outside the Solar System would have been preferred already at that time, a lot less expensive.

We won’t forget the 3 letters of his initials JFK but I prefer the sigle of our Information Agency CIA and the third series of 3 letters is obviously NSA that will be my main adviser when I will become President as its new mission will be the Culture. A Secretary for the Arts will be open immediately, named: DEPARTEMENT OF CULTURE.

November 23, 2013, from Europe,

PS: let’s organize for the 51st anniversary of the murder of John Fitzgerald an emblematic ceremony for a reconciliation between East and West. After Yalta, there was the Cold War in the 1950’s and a great hope in the following decade. Kennedy could participate in this this New Age as he was a son of the war and educated by people of the XIXth Century. Anyway, we want a Reconciliation for Moscow and Washington, Moscow for its previous regime, the great and respectable Soviet Union (USSR) leaded until 1952 by the friend of Roosevelt Josef Stalin, and Washington from George until now. A Historic Comity of the 2 Countries will be organized to study definitely the Oswald binational ‘Gate’ and forgive Russia for what they did: to support and give their citizenship to a Marine who wanted to kill. He didn’t kill the Democracy but a Democrat too agressive. Peace for him and Memory of his passion for our State: the USA.

Read on Wikipédia, the story and analysis of the death of a man too much in a hurry:

Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as U.S. President aboard Air Force One in Dallas.

Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as U.S. President aboard Air Force One in Dallas. Cecil W. Stoughton, White House Press Office (WHPO).

Just published on Tumblr (November 22, 2013, 10:51 PM from Nice, France):

Frederic Vidal accuses Soviet Union for the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

According to our History, the Soviet Union that sponsored Lee Harvey Oswald must have been the real responsible of the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Frederic Vidal

Read the biography of the murderer of JFK, an American marine
who became a Soviet Union citizen:

Defection to the Soviet Union

In October 1959, just before turning 20, Oswald traveled to the Soviet Union, a trip he planned well in advance. On September 11, 1959, he received a hardship discharge from active service, claiming his mother needed care, and was put on reserve. Along with his self-taught Russian, he had saved $1,500 of his Marine Corps salary, obtained a passport, and submitted several fictional applications to foreign universities in order to obtain a student visa. Oswald spent two days with his mother in Fort Worth, then embarked by ship from New Orleans on September 20 to Le Havre, France, then immediately proceeded to the United Kingdom. Arriving in Southampton on October 9, he told officials he had $700 and planned to remain in the United Kingdom for one week before proceeding to a school in Switzerland. However, on the same day, he flew to Helsinki, where he was issued a Soviet visa on October 14. Oswald left Helsinki by train on the following day, crossed the Soviet border at Vainikkala, and arrived in Moscow on October 16. His visa, valid only for a week, was due to expire on October 21.

Almost immediately after arriving, Oswald told his Intourist guide of his desire to become a Soviet citizen. When asked why by the various Soviet officials he encountered—all of whom, by Oswald’s account, found his wish incomprehensible—he said that he was a communist, and gave what he described in his diary as “vauge answers about ‘Great Soviet Union'”. On October 21, the day his visa was due to expire, he was told that his citizenship application had been refused, and that he had to leave the Soviet Union that evening. Distraught, Oswald inflicted a minor but bloody wound to his left wrist in his hotel room bathtub soon before his Intourist guide was due to arrive to escort him from the country, according to his diary because he wished to kill himself in a way that would shock her. Delaying Oswald’s departure because of his self-inflicted injury, the Soviets kept him in a Moscow hospital under psychiatric observation until October 28, 1959.

According to Oswald, he met with four more Soviet officials that same day, who asked if he wanted to return to the United States; he insisted to them that he wanted to live in the Soviet Union as a Soviet national. When pressed for identification papers, he provided his Marine Corps discharge papers.

Read more on Wikipédia.

Lorsque, en ce 22 novembre 1963, Abraham Zapruder, tailleur de profession, utilise pour la première fois sa caméra 8 mm, il est très loin de se douter que son film amateur s’inscrira à jamais dans la mémoire collective. Pour Jean-Baptiste Thoret, enseignant et historien du cinéma, auteur de “26 secondes, l’Amérique éclaboussée” (éd. Rouge profond, 2003), ce document maintes fois vu constitue “l’un des moments fondateurs de l’histoire des images du XXe siècle”. Un film “matrice” qui bouleversera les codes du cinéma hollywoodien.

Marvelous. Chapter 10: KGB Next Gen. French Cop Exclusive Story of the First Film.

During their mission in Paris, the DARKPOL™ couple has a problem with another group that is violent and ready to stop them: KGB Next Gen™.Chapter 10: KGB Next Gen. French Cop Exclusive Story of the First Film.


En sortant de la réunion, des hommes vêtus d’imperméables s’en prennent à nos deux visiteurs. Une course poursuite et un débriefing plus tard, Natasha est identifiée par un des agresseurs qu’ils ont neutralisé.

Copyright 2013 FREDERIC VIDAL. Tous droits réservés.

Complete story-line:

Wheel of Fortune  (Tarot for The French Cop™). Number 11. Tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Published 1909. Author: Pamela Coleman Smith.

Wheel of Fortune (Tarot for The French Cop™). Number 11. Tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Published 1909. Author: Pamela Coleman Smith.

FRENCH COP™ is a Story by Frederic Vidal, produced by POST-SCRIPTUM™, 10, avenue Notre-Dame, 06000 Nice, France. Tél. 33 6 32 52 86 19 email:

Soundtrack by BRAMSTOCKER™.
Song #10: I LIKE YOUR WAY (Frederic Vidal, SACEM-ASCAP).


TIMEFRAMES™ LLC is the Producer, the distributor and the copyright manager of The FRENCH COP™ and BRAMSTOCKER™ in the United States of America.

Fred Kelly: this double franchise is dedicated to old LOUISIANA, the French Territory that Napoleon sold to the United States on Saturday, April 30, 1803. There, the French spirit is still active and the story of the French Cop with its music, very popular.

LOUISIANA includes 13 present States of the Union:

10. SOUTH DAKOTA State, the Land of the Chapter 10: KGB NEXT GEN.

Author: US Department of Interior, US Geological Survey.

Author: US Department of Interior, US Geological Survey.,_South_Dakota,_South_Dakota

The Internet Revolution Is The Result of A Double Film About Roswell And Nuclear Franchise, Two Of A Kind Of Motion Picture That Break The Rules Of The Reality Show To Create Science Fiction!


In 1950, a family in America was always ready to go to the basement when necessary because of the COLD WAR in progress. Three years earlier, in 1947, the city of Roswell in New Mexico had a bad dream: an alien arrived not from Mexico but from probably another planet. It created a double reason why an amendment of the Constitution became necessary. No visitor from something else than Earth can immigrate in the United States, according to the regular Police, WRONG meant the Press. A Country like Russia is able to destroy a whole continent like the GOP one, 50 States together for nothing else than being afraid of a Hiroshima revenge for its entire population: unacceptable according to the International Law that was not followed anyway by the UN. Consequently, the last amendment of our Constitution must reinforce the Right to live and to become a citizen, even when there is a risk of war and a danger of invasion.

Roswell is a small town during the war and there is no reason to stay there more than two days when you are a tourist. In Russia, the main problem is the offensive of Adolf Hitler and of its Army including the great new Luftwaffe reactors of the Messerschmitt’s, planes of a generation that did not yet begin abroad like the V2s, high tech explosive rockets that were about to be built after the end of the conflict by the Soviet Union and the United States, hundreds of them because The Reich was the leader for the space.

The pilot of an Unidentified Flying Object did not decide by himself to land on our planet. It must have been certainly a mistake as he never sent a message to inform that he was inviting himself for a while that never ended. The being criticized not to be human by the Authorities was more than an animal, he was a driver, of a ship half destroyed because of the crash but obviously impossible to build on planet Earth, a too sophisticated produce of future technologies.

60 years later, I am not the only historian to compare the nuclear missiles inspired by the V2s until the present SS-20 and the US Army Pershing and the Roswell legacy, to believe in the life after us, the human kind is not alone in this galaxy and life must be shared with the aliens, that is to say we are cousins, part of the same continuum, genealogical tree.

2 films are under construction to propose the clear and necessary truth about it.

Frederic Vidal.

and Post-Scriptum France and USA.

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