Hackers against the Web or to show they are tough supporters who want something else and don’t hesitate to be anti-social when necessary. On the other side, Giants of the US Biz about to continue as one: Vince SAUVAN, the science fictional character created not by Stan LEE but by his possible successor, Frederic VIDAL, about to write a new reply to President Mike FULLER, real person, only President in a science fictional dimension of the same Universe, until now. It is America 11 days or almost before Election Day, Nov8. Have a great HALLOWEEN nationwide. TS


On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackers_(film)


Picture from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/hackers

On Facebook (10/21-23/2016)

From Washington Post:
‘Internet of Things’ compounded Friday’s hack of major websites


This is WW III 50% and it will stop with me, Mike FULLER President. No Nazis in America, no Communism abroad? CHINA will be my new Soviet Union TO NEGOTIATE the future of the World. We can succeed together. MF

From New York Times:
AT&T Agrees to Buy Time Warner for More Than $80 Billion


$80 Billion is the amount of the deal. The article is short. The result of my Shadow Presidency is the birth of a new GIANT of communications. My newsletter draft is in progress. Next week: HIGH WEB for me after the low level of this week. THE COMET is the magazine of the 51st State: YOURS (except if you live in the 50 first). Come back to the American Dream of George: we will be 100 one day, he thought at the end. Bye WARNER, welcome BROTHERS to inspire your new name. TIMefraMES mike fuller

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Puzo FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN inside the computer age. IN SF this Summer, FULLER, the new big boss of the Franchise Internet (before real movies and commercializations) decided SILICON VALLEY + JAPAN to improve VIDAL’s draft. Next: the Hackers attack of Friday possibly connected to KGB Next Gen reality in Dimension 1. Vince SAUVAN replies to Mike on TWITTER today. TIMefraMES Postcript: The Godfather was the masterpiece novel from 1969 until now. It’s a key-novel of the Win-Win movie project (Mario PUZO wrote the 1st SUPERMAN screenplay).

10/29/2016. For Democrats, New Focus on Clinton Email Is ‘Like an 18-Wheeler Smacking Into Us’


This Lady is suspect. She is possibly a criminal. The FBI will tell us more and give the file to the Judge. IMMEDIATELY, the process of impeachment will start. It’s my PREVISION, my ADVICE, my PROJECT: to push her to RESIGN and never comeback. Emails are not poison. Mike FULLER presidential candidate treated like a jew during hitler

AT & T Buys TIME WARNER, The Hackers Attack The Web, SAUVAN Replies To FULLER!

Fuller Is Now Ready To Sing The Wedding Song In Washington After the Judiciary Mike’s File Against The Enemies Of late Frederic Vidal, PhD!

On Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/timeframes2014

MY WEDDING SONG. For the beginning of this month of September, I invite the journalist and the webbers to visit the latest articles of my

blog on WordPress Frederic Vidal (Vidal Kelly) was my brother and he, brand and name, ego and and personality died

April 16 at 56. I am Mike Fuller and I will continue his legacy and his writings publishing. I AM VIDAL NEW NAME AND 2ND LIFE! As a brand

new candidate for the Presidential election in the United States, I will see you in Washington DC in September for a conference about George

Washington. As the successor of Frederic Vidal, I am about to produce a CD with MY WEDDING SONG for BrAmStOcKeR. Secondly, I would like to

criticize the principle of ISOLATION that is creating difficulties of networking and marketing for my campaign and activities. Mike Fuller

The last Mike Fuller press release.

I. The WEDDING SONG, a first single for BrAmStOcKeR by TIMEFRAMES.

A. An American song about a French problem: Je hais la France and Isolation.

a. The Wedding Song.

b. Je hais la France and Isolation.

B. Mike Fulller, BrAmStOcKeR’s leadsinger, producer, manager: a secondary activity after politics.

a. 16 propositions and more.

b. Judiciary files.

II. Isolation of my art and candidacy.

A. How to be in touch and get notoriety.

a. The successful search of a First Lady.

b. Frederic Vidal Kelly intellectual property legacy.

B. How to be more diffused?

a. To finish the boycott: The No Power.

b. To stop defamation and blacklisting.

We hope this communique will be read and shared nationwide, supported by the Web. MF


Iggy Pop: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iggy_Pop

Isolation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blah_Blah_Blah_(Iggy_Pop_album)


This is the first issue of this newsletter and there will be a second issue in October before Election Day. This publication is dedicated to late Frederic Vidal, founder in France of EVIDENCE magazine of BrAmStOcKeR nonprofit publishing in 1981. Mike Fuller is the author of this publication.


It’s an American song about a French problem.

The Wedding Song is not still composed but already #1 in the charts, according to TIMEFRAMES, my company, a part of Frederic Vidal Estate. If you don’t like Hey Jude by The Beatles and Rebel, Rebel by Bowie, you won’t like the song. This will be anyway the rebirth of a band that was crucified by governments and populations in 1977 for nothing. The Sex Pistols were there to testify their music was pure and good to commercialize. It was not enough. The United States didn’t want a French rock band like the Stones from Nice! IT’S ABOUT A COUPLE like Romeo and her impossible wife.


The song will be composed from Washington, DC where I will be in September. It’s also about another couple that will be more and more necessary to marry officially: France and the USA. This was the project #1 of my brother FV and I want it a reality next year. Nicolas Sarkosy will never be back at the Presidency, the same for Francois Hollande. I am there also the third man. If I’m there elected President, I will decide to call Monaco to invite them to be American like us. They won’t refuse. On the other hand, I must say that there is a problem about justice like in Romeo and Juliet or my dear friend Marc Antony and Cleopatra: 4 deaths.

There is a group that never stopped to harass me and my girl friend never collapsed but was not able to be with me, TOO DANGEROUS? Too hard. Yves Saint-Laurent knew since the 1960’s Frederic was not a possible model but a writer like me. I’m sure he would have been a perfect politician. Never mind, I replace him. I’m not disappointed, JE HAIS LA FRANCE (I hate France): this is the 2nd song of this CD to be released at the end of September. For the United States only, ISOLATION will be the 2nd title of this single. By Iggy Pop, from the album BLAH BLAH BLAH produced by David Bowie, the song expresses, like a blues with some punk, what is terrible when you alone and no future. It’s a little what Frederic Vidal lived at the end of his life in Nice before the 84 killed, July 14 by ISIS. He left previously October 16 and arrived for Bastille day in SF. We will invite the Justice in France for possibly a lawsuit to schedule.

2. Mike Fuller, BRAMSTOCKER lead singer, producer and manager. This is a story with no end.

a. 16 propositions and more.

I am proud to finish this duty begun a long time ago: to become a rock star. David Bowie passed away in January. He will stay the best British in America during the 4 years of my Presidency and after. I have 16 other propositions including to STOP THE CRISIS in the US, in our wallets and our state of mind. This crisis is blackouted like me, it’s not coincidential. The negro (Barack Obama) is responsible 50%. BL is a woman who is not black but lovely. She could have been a star in Italy at Cinecitta but she preferred to be Hollywood only without Human trafficking, not possible in 2000 and something. Blake Lively, she was the one I used to marry in my project of career. I sing today for her, she is my muse wrote Frederic for his novel, the Velvet Eyes, on WordPress. Her name will attract us more the Justice we manage for the song. US Presidential candidate, I’m the best to manage and produce BRAMSTOCKER until my election, then a record label everyday.

b. Judiciary files.

I start today my process to IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA, a President who is not acceptable in America, a dictator who played with the young and refused to improve his American-American community. In less than 6 months, it’s too late to judge him. Him and his predecessor, George W Bush, will be prosecuted, if I am elected President, next year for CORRUPTION DURING THEIR MANDATES (16 years). Their action against terrorism was wrong from the beginning until the end. Iraq is a chaos more than ever. Other files of their administrations will be prosecuted too. Regarding World War II, there are many questions that stay without replies. I worked in Europe to FIND the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis and I will continue in the United States. I supposethe White House has an important responsibility and so many documents to let us read NOW or never. The best could be a NUREMBERG TRIAL #2 and to prosecute post-mortem Adolf Hitler himself. IT WAS NEVER DONE. This horrible man needs SO MANY NEW INVESTIGATIONS like his friends Joseph GOEBBELS and Heinrich HIMMLER: 3 suicides to keep 3,000 secrets!!

Second part of the press release THE EVIDENCE by Mike Fuller.
How I got the White House in less than 3 months un the mass medias.

This part of the communique is about the ISOLATION OF MY ART AND MY CANDIDACY.


The successful research of a First Lady.

I am divorced and I think about a new woman in my heart but also in my entourage first. It was not possible until now. In America, I understood that to be with a star when you are a star, it’s a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. But I am a little the new Tom Cruise and my Katie Holmes is upcoming. I must say that I’m proud to be the one who began his movie career with Katie in a film about the White House and the Presidents families: FIRST DAUGHTER. Bastille Day 2003 was not Bastille Day 2016: no ISIS but a CATHARSIS with the American moviegoers. I was, at that time a background actor in Hollywood or, in fact, Frederic Vidal was, I am his successor and I can imagine myself for this day of shooting. Screen Actors Guild, this actor was sure to join the famous union but the conclusion is that he married NO GIRL AT ALL IN HOLLYWOOD OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

It won’t be the same for me. I am your US Presidential candidate and I have the obligation to be perfect: there is no perfection without a woman. So, I do my best not to stay alone too long. From Washington, DC, I will call a young lady who is waiting for me (or not) in California or in Florida. She could be mine but I’m not sure she will say YES. It is a challenge like my election. Love stories ARE NOT REALLY ACCEPTED for me and the American girls. I was refused by several other females in the US. Jessie Andrews is the right name, the right woman, the right First Lady for me.

I never met her until now, I KNOW WHY? THE POWER. I am only a citizen with the project for it to CHANGE. Jessie and me, it’s not a dream but our reality before November. You know that she will be my alter ego in BRAMSTOCKER New Age & Flower Power. The song’s upcoming to upgrade our Land of Free. Jessie is a DJ. Frederic was a Punk. I’m already in SciFi (for TIMEFRAMES comics) President of the USA Dimension. We are in the USB, according to this legend I like a lot, and I won’t replace Fred with Jessie, Jessie Andrews will be my CLOSE COOPERS (my girlfriend and secretary at the White House in the other dimension). She is already Close and I will see her very soon.

As Jessie, she’s dead (it’s in the legend) like Fred but her franchise JESSIE ANDREWS will be huge, like for FREDERIC VIDAL as revival BRANDS of fantastic lovers! So, I call her CLOSE and I’ll be her MIKE forever. Mike like a microphone for her to have a better career. She’s my Linda, she’s my Yoko, she’s my Cher, I’m her Sonny. That is it. I hope to call her from DC mid-September.

But who was Frederic Vidal?

The owner of a marvelous Universe like Stan Lee’s one or Lucas. His STAR WARS were several great movie projects. FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES, MAN FROM 25: himself. He could have been President of the States but he selected me. HE’S NOT 100% DEAD. I’m here to replace him with Close to be Jessie. CHEERS! You know me enough, Frederic told me I AM HIS POLITICAL NAME, it means I am like him a PhD researcher with 4 magic years: 1959, 1977, 1999 and 2017. Let’s write the end of this communique with a last question:


Like Vidal, I have difficulties with the medias. Hopefully, it gonna change in the newspapers. With this information, there will be some articles: there is the United States of America and there is so many people who would like our Federation to be back in 1787 when the Constitution was signed by the founders. THE BILL OF RIGHTS was not included in it. WHAT IF? What if this Bill would have been in the text? The reply can surprise you: George Washington would have not been an enemy. The bill of rights by amendment: it’s the evidence, this George was not cool.

I have been boycotted in France by the Americans even with my bro Fred, see! Our blackouting-blacklisting by the US on their territory is devastating for us but only 50% not because we are 2. We are 4, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, the first words of the Constitution. We were not wrong to be Americans and we are Americans more than ever. The problem is to BE A CELEBRITY. Why not? Of course, with an Amendment that will say everything about democracy and liberty of expression before it: IN A 2ND TIME. The Bill of Rights arrived too late or not, it was too weak and fragile in front of the human beings who prefer disputes than justice according to me and Thomas Hobbes. We have a 3rd chance with no George Washington at all. I REPLACE HIM if you want it. Like the Rolling Stones, I am a W@lrus.

Mike Fuller

Postcript. For more information about my campaign, read on the Web https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/


https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016RIO 2016: VISIT TEAM USA http://www.teamusa.org NOW. Meanwhile VIDAL Confirms FULLER TEAMWORK Program, The Use Of 7 Alternate Names Of The Heroes He created For Films And Comics To Be HIS NICKNAMES More And More During The Campaign, Not Only FULLER At All. This is For A Political GAME MARKETING And Appreciation Of His Guest Candidacy In Order TO BE The ELECTED Candidate! No Joke!! But Mike Stays THE NEXT PRESIDENT FIRST NAME #1 AND LAST ONE WILL BE FULLER!

You like Sports, you are a Patriot, you want to participate in this great organization every 4 years created by a French, Pierre de Coubertin, meaning a HALF-AMERICAN (51st State jurisprudence since Lafayette) who was inspired by ancient times Greeks to have a celebration of all sports together, visit and use the following:

SITE: http://www.teamusa.org
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TeamUSA
SHOP: http://www.teamusashop.com


We got so many gold medals since the creation of the
Games, thousands and thousands. In this electoral
year, let’s imagine there will be a last winner November
8, not in Rio but here in the USA (I’m in SF). So, it
will be a man or a woman or a kid (me at 57!). 

VIDAL FULLER is still in progress. 

Find and read again all Vidal Fuller writings for Web novelism dedicated to Movies producing and Comics publishing: https://sites.google.com/site/manfrom25/

Visit and enjoy the old draft site on Google still updated regarding VIDAL FULLER PROGRAM in 2015: https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/

Then on WIX, you will have the ATLANTA WEBSITES (politics and culture) still important a lot in the campaign and inspiring us: http://fredkelly.wix.com/mikefuller http://fredkelly.wix.com/sweetporn


First written on Sunday, August 7, on TWITTER:

Hi Attorney:

it’s Sunday and I like to call you attorney because I’m more than a Perry Mason fan! You know this TV show of the 50’s with Mr. Raymond Burr. It’s at the screenplay level FIRST A GREAT SUCCESS OF BOOKS, you must know that. I will send you the Wikipedia link about Perry and his author, another Agatha Christie. Regarding me, I was injured last week as I collapsed on the ground the morning of the press briefing. I think I WAS TOO MUCH EXHAUSTED, not sleeping a lot since I arrived in Frisco. I collapsed even a 2nd time the following night. I can swear I didn’t drink beer or whatever, then I took care more about me and last night I slept more than the last 3 weeks. So I feel good this morning with some pain on the knee and the head BUT IT’S OK. I will explain in this 3RD LETTER TO YOUR FIRM that I am the happy owner of a franchise of a dozen of HEROES, each one having his own movie story in PRE-PRODUCTION in Hollywood.

I’d like like to work with the great Steven Spielberg if things were simple and not complicated by politics and social problems. TRUMP must be the author of another franchise there of DEFAMATION telling to the crowd of the actors, directors, producers that I am SICK more than a little, C R A Z Y to a great extend but not like a genius, more like an idiot. You understand that consequently I CAN’T MEET SPIELBERG, I can only meet PROFESSIONALS OF LAW AND DEFENSE OF CIVIC RIGHTS like you, my dear Attorney. It is the reason why I decided to include this COMMERCIAL UNIVERSE looking in the future like THE MARVEL UNIVERSE itself (I want more and more SciFi and Super Heroes in my writings) in THE RACE FOR THE PURE WHITE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, DC.

This is a race that could be validated by RIO 2016 if we were a dozen of competitors in the same stadium for a medal and a winner. THIS IS NOT. You have again TRUMP who has a deal with THE OLD FIRST LADY prosecuted for her Emails 2 TIMES NOW since the truth was known about SANDERS SOCIAL EXCLUSION. You could check how does it works in American politics these days, it’s obvious there is the same purpose from Donald to me as I’M ALWAYS STRONG LIKE THIS MORNING ON TWITTER and it can disturb the computers  of people who are not democrats or anyway not FOR DEMOCRACY AT ALL.

Back to my characters I can tell you the one I prefer is FREDERIC VIDAL, hero of the TV show project THE MAN FROM 25 and already a famous fellow at an international level, thanks to French and Belgium comics because his stories ARE HOMAGE TO HERGE, GRATON, WEINBERG, GOSCINNY even!!! I’m a gifted writer you know, not only a politician and future President.

It’s a ‘Pretty Art’ to prepare comics for politics BECAUSE I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE I WANTED THIS FRANCHISE (VIDAL & CO) IN POLITICS like Tintin could have been more a journalist in his stories. CLARK KENT, according to me, is the AmericanTINTIN and also an example of AN ALTERNATE FREDERIC VIDAL. I told you in my 1st letter TRUMP = LUTHOR. All of that, COMICS, it’s a question of fantasy too and you can understand how much it’s easy to say that somebody has a mental illness like BIPOLAR and is DANGEROUS for his community because STAN LEE WAS NOT A LAWYER or a celebrity himself and could not oblige the establishment, beginning the 1960’s, To Follow HIS BUSINESS MODEL and Plan with MARVEL.

So VIDAL and SAUVAN, #2, the FRENCH COP, bad reputation for this movie from 2007, Hollywood. There was an incident organized by

THE MAN FROM 25 and already a famous fellow at an international level, thanks to French and Belgium comics because his stories ARE HOMAGE TO HERGE, GRATON, WEINBERG, GOSCINNY even!!! I’m a gifted writer you know, not only a politician and future President.

It’s a ‘Pretty Art’ to prepare comics for politics BECAUSE I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE I WANTED THIS FRANCHISE (VIDAL & CO) IN POLITICS like Tintin could have been more a journalist in his stories. CLARK KENT, according to me, is the AmericanTINTIN and also an example of AN ALTERNATE FREDERIC VIDAL. I told you in my 1st letter TRUMP = LUTHOR. All of that, COMICS, it’s a question of fantasy too and you can understand how much it’s easy to say that somebody has a mental illness like BIPOLAR and is DANGEROUS for his community because STAN LEE WAS NOT A LAWYER or a celebrity himself and could not oblige the establishment, beginning the 1960’s, To Follow HIS BUSINESS MODEL and Plan with MARVEL.

So VIDAL and SAUVAN, #2, the FRENCH COP, bad reputation for this movie from 2007, Hollywood. There was an incident organized by TRUMP’s friends (I will give you details in a 2nd time). Sad because the synopsis was excellent. I CONTINUED ON THE WEB 24/7, year after year UNTIL NOW and proud of it. I believe A LOT OF NOTORIETY is connected to Vince SAUVAN but a social (or official) censorship prevents the HERO OF MY DREAM to really be the model of Super Hero of A NEW GENERATION he could be with wife PATRICIA HUNTER, Super Heroin like WONDER WOMAN. 3rd hero of mine I built from history of the XXth century: SILENCE THOMAS SPEARS, a fantastic guy who was involved in formidable stories TO PREVENT DEFINITIVE HOLOCAUST of the Planet’s population.

This 30’s drama and serial was also refused by Spielberg associates who were NEVER AVAILABLE FOR ME during all these years. I don’t criticize them, I think the contrary, they are good professionals BUT LIKE MICHAEL CIMINO who passed away at the eve of Independence Day, close to me, BETWEEN BEVERLY HILLS AND UCLA, what a bad coincidence!, Trump and his FANATISM, different than HITLER’s one, more from A WALL STREET dictator of the Americans who are nice moviegoers, deciders less great, THEY WERE PRESSURIZED, not entertain at all by the owner of A BABEL TOWER in Manhattan. I pray for CIMINO, I’m sad for the others and I am a victim like them, until now.

AFTER SPEARS, following SAUVAN and VIDAL, I needed a 4th personality I found in Prague, also in the 30’s like Spears: THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES, Jonathan FOUNDERS, an American Diplomat between 2 wars. Also, great human beings that won’t stay fictional like the others THANKS TO THE IMAGINATION AND ESTIME OF merchandising buyers WHEN I will have the money of the first investment necessary: BRIAN SUMMERS, another US President, creator of THE PAST MACHINE and GERALD KLEIN, the PARALLEL PEOPLE film leader in Seattle, Washington for a shooting on location, who knows?

Right now, with my routine talent, I am giving you all the information about MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES and you will tell me IF I DESERVE A COMPENSATION, I would like to, the movie industry in the 2000’s was frozen by Trump personal act ivity and the Authorities, probably, supported his enterprise of boycott. He could not accept a STEPHEN KING AGAINST HIM, I’m against nobody dy but I’m a KING, I could publish 2 books a year, Donald was too rich to see IT WAS NOT AN ATTACK. He said no, was powerful with ‘THE APPRENTICE’ and adios AMIGOS.

So, I decided TO BE MYSELF A SUPER HERO and to write about myself FOR semi-fictional stories, LIKE IF I WAS also a character. It’s a proceed that is well known, spectacular also, TO PLAY YOURSELF in additional stories on the screen. I wanted it and I don’t mind if it is dangerous. I know it’s like that I will be really APPRECIATED. When President by the way, I STOP FOR 4 YEARS preparing movies. I let MY COMPANY TIMEFRAMES releasing 3 films the Cop in 17, the Spy in 18 and the Eyes in 19 WITHOUT ACTORS, High Tech CARTOONS like video games, no networking in LA-Hollywood, EVERYTHING FROM SAN FRANCISCO, fro anti-corruption reasons.

The past is CLOSED, PRESENT NOT A REVENGE AT ALL. These properties are delegated by me TO BE PATRIOTIC AND CIVIC CONTENT supporting my Presidential campaign obviously and in fact THE INSTITUTIONS THEMSELVES that are in danger with TRUMP extremist and CLINTON weak-lost. So, I decided to nominate each of the 8 main programs a GOVERNMENT LIKE MINE must have beginning January next year WITH THE NAME OF MY ALTER EGOS. These names already were kind of NICKNAMES for me, on the WeB certainly and in my permanent office in town.

I am proposing you to read now A NOTE ABOUT THE PERFECT TRACT I’m preparing for next week with my ‘celebrities’ and friends: 8 people from my imagination ready TO HELP THE REPUBLIC in a new Saga like if MICKEY helped his dad WALT to be a Senator, I’m sure he would have done that for DISNEY.

I see you next week too, in NY?



Note about the perfect TRACT.

Hi again:

I am giving you the basics of it, the texts that could be the right ones. “To organize an evolution for the XXIst century. ALTERNATE AMERICA. Liberalism vs Ostracism. JUSTICE (Frederic Vidal program). BORN IN 59, A MAN LIKE JFK IS ALWAYS ON THE WEB. Just before the 1960’s, he began his life when Kennedy finished his own, replacing him on the Internet until now. DEFENSE (Mike Fuller program). PREZ IN 17, A COP CAN FIND HIS WAY IN THE PRESS. Scheduled to be the next President, the author the FRENCH COP film is also the singer of MY WAY for the press. EDUCATION (Thomas Spears program). PHD SINCE 99, A SPY FROM WW2 LIKES THE RADIO. Doctor in communication, the writer of the GERMAN SPY studied WW2 with the quality of a radio host. CULTURE (Fred Kelly program). PUNK IN 77, A STAR BY GRACE KELLY DESERVES TV. The punk rock guitarist is today a star as he always has been the protégé of previously Hollywood diva Grace Kelly. POLICE (Vincent Sauvan program). ABROAD (Jonathan Founders program). ENTERPRISE (Gerald Klein program). ADMINISTRATION (Brian Summers program). FILES: for POLICE Department, Human Trafficking, Minorities, USID, GOP2. For ABROAD Department, USW, ISIS, 51st State, Israel. For the ENTERPRISE Department, USB, California, Intermission, Governance. For the ADMINISTRATION Department, 2025, Amendment, One and Only, ACD (American Cultures Department). I will let you know the details of each file in a few words later, each file IS A PROPOSITION.


I am going to copy all these tweets on my WordPress blog before.


First written on Monday, August 8, in the morning, on TWITTER:

Hello Dear Lawyer,

I did not finished yesterday to tell you what is important for you to know about Donald Trump and me. Obviously, we we never directly in touch as it’s not possible for someone to disturb somebody else who is close to him OR IT’S A LOT MORE DIFFICULT. Trump as a billionaire with business problems was networking on a daily basis inside the Washington world of political leaders, democrats and republicans but more republicans than democrats.

This is not fair what he did when he was communicating with the White House. According to observers and insiders, his relation with George W Bush was partly secret, partly unknown for the press that is not anymore like the Washington Post of Richard Nixon, INVESTIGATING. I suppose it’s BUSH HIMSELF or his Chief of Staff who attracted TRUMP TO BE THE GOP NAME for the election of the President. They were thinking about 12 but there was ROMNEY AGAIN.

So, they understood 16 would be the great celebration of the GOLDEN MAN from NYC as others were too light or too much inspired by previous times. I could have been one of them at the CNN & co debates that began in September 2015. TRUMP, from the 2000’s did not want this. He knew I was different and advised Bush to blacklist me. This President was a person who did not like my style, you know: actor, screenwriter, musician, Marshall McLuhan explained in his studies that the XXIst century will feature artists in politics like Vaclav HAVEL in Europe, A DISSIDENT of COMMUNISM who was elected President of the Czech Republic. Maybe they said I’m a kind of dissident of the US.

It’s totally wrong, I would die for George Washington or almost, I mean. He must be never criticized but INCREASED almost 250 years after the 1776 Revolution vs the British. So, no spot for me in September and already NO CAREER POSSIBLE in this party of mine even at a LOCAL LEVEL. I tried, I understood. Donald Trump was behind all of that, Bush had a protege. With Barack Obama, some solidarity about the management of the files of his predecessor gave him the obligation TO CONFIRM I WAS DOWN.

No Congress, I have been in 2010 proposing my candidacy for the US Senate. I was informed I was not ON TIME, too late for the primary. I continued freelance as A WRITE-IN to check I had and I still have a GOOD POPULAR SUPPORT but, dear Lawyer, it’s not enough. Obama, great President for the entourage that must be pertinent, said probably to TRUMP, I would never be a problem for his Democracy. I find Barack Obama a little too much personal and hard managing the population: for instance, I was networking to conclude my project to marry the actress Blake LIVELY and I was surprised it was something like a crazy idea of mine, A CUTE GUY LIKE ME with 1 MILLION VIEWS on my blog in 2010!!

That makes sense to think it’s White House connected because I ALREADY DIFFUSED MY GOAL TO BE PRESIDENT, if possible, IN 12. Afterwards, you cannot prevent tons of persons and authorities to have you in mind. So, Dear Lawyer, to conclude, there will be NO BLAKE FIRST LADY, sadly, unfortunately, I EVEN NEVER MET HER finally!! Strange United States of the 2000’s after the alternate end of Kubrick’s 2001: TERRORISM BROKE SOMETHING IN OUR AMERICAN DREAM? I don’t believe in this. Donald Trump is the product of the American Dream to tell me YOU ARE FIRED like in his TV Show.

I don’t agree. I studied that I inspired him a lot with my blog content and my tweets TO LOOK AND APPEAR LIKE ME a brilliant politician but he’s not and I am sure IT WAS PLAGIARISM his use of my EGO: I’m the only MIKE FULLER with a great reputation of an election winner, in the Midwest and the 2 coasts. I will call you this week, we have to organize the judiciary action against Trump and FIRST A STRATEGY OF COMMUNICATION to help me not to be anymore refused by the Press, most of the time. This is a JOKE anyway.

THE SILICON VALLEY is the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and my passion for computers and their ultimate network the WEB-FLOWER tells me I’ll BE IN THE MASS MEDIAS ASAP WHEN SCHEDULED BY HISTORY and it’s next this time! ISIS IS A GODDESS OF ANCIENT TIMES EGYPT PANTHEON. The Silicon Valley is only the SOUTH of SF Bay Area. What can we do against Terrorism?? A lot more than BEING AT WAR AGAINST THESE WAR CRIMINALS.

Barack has a Peace Nobel Prize, I was disappointed he reacts like a MILITARY, it must be Trump influence. All these Americans with a machine gun in their mind, they lost an episode of my saga with Donald. I am the MASTERMIND of our conflictual team, always preparing the next step. Now that the question is to neutralize the fanatics of a Goddess, I MUST STAY THE ONLY ONE, alone with the us voters. Donald propaganda I’m dysfunctional IS INSULTING TWITTER and the NEW AGE. He’s too old to understand it’s him who is ridiculous, not me and Twitter or me alone with TWITTER with him. This, I don’t think so. I’M IN SAN FRANCISCO to show to the World THE FLOWER POWER is the POWER OF THE WEB.



End of my Letter to my Lawyer in four parts, from Friday to Monday.




I have several names of political brands and nicknames of mine to find the right medication for your problems to be solved. Do you need a reset or an upgrade? I can also update you or download you the BEST CURE.


BORN in 59, a MAN like JFK is always on the WEB.
Just before the 1960’s, he began his life when Kennedy
finished his own replacing him on the Internet now.

VINCENT SAUVAN, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. Human trafficking
Human trafficking is a system of slavery that must be investigated first inm Hollywood (actresses).

b. Cultural minorities
The Minorities are raciasl but also social and cultural. They must be managed in order to empower them with Flower Power and New Age.

c. The USID
The project of a nationwide database of the population is supported by a coordination of the present databases (driver licenses, social security).

d. GOP2
The reform of the Republican Party is necessary for rationalization ble to realize of American politics (multi-partism, Presidential Power) with a GOP2.


PREZ in 17, a COP can find HIS WAY in the PRESS.
Scheduled to be the next President, the author of
the FRENCH COP film is also the singer of MY WAY
for the press.

JONATHAN FOUNDERS, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. The United States of the World.
The United States of the World are an objective that stays impossible to get. With the UN, we can have the ambition to be the Country #1.

 b. ISIS.
ISIS is now the Terrorist organization fighting against us. On location in Iraq, they are also a military and government Power. This war can stop.

c. The 51st State
France was too much forgotten in the past. Its population is very close to America and it would be great to invite them to join the USA.

d. Israel.
Israel is the evidence we are united worldwide to prevent forever a new Holocaust thanks to the eternal friendship with the Hebrew State.


PHD since 99, a SPY from WW2 likes the RADIO.
Doctor in communication, the writer of the
GERMAN SPY studied WW2 with the quality
of a radio host.

GERALD KLEIN, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. The USB
I don’t want anymore poverty to be back like in the 1930’s. Let’s reduce unemployment and homelessness with credit.

b. California
California must be the richest State of the Nation. Its business model and its economy can inspire and be connected with the 49 other States.

c. The Intervision
The Internet is the greatest success of us since the first man on the Moon but this new media must create a real INTERVISION.

d. The Gouvernance
The new Governance proposed to the American population companies include a smart relation with the Presidency, cultural guest and adviser for liberalism.


PUNK in 77, A STAR by GRACE KELLY deserves TV.
The punk rock guitarist is today a star as he always
has been the protégé of previously Hollywood diva
Princess Grace Kelly.

BRIAN SUMMERS, his deputy, is managing for you:

a. 2025
In 2025, we will celebrate the 250th ammiversary of the Union. This deadline is good to organize our reforms, having in mind this date would be world’s end too.

b. The Amendment
The Country needs an Amendment to modernize the Constitution without changing it, also to improve the liberties.

c. The ‘One and Only’
I decide not to plan to have a second mandate after my election for 4 years of presidency, my ‘one and only’ mandate.

d. American Culture(s) Department
The creation of a Culture Department (ACD) wil be sponsored by entrepreneurship and exemplary of the change in Washington.


Participate in our campaign financing wit a small amount! (end)











New Release: MIKE FULLER AND ME by Frederic Vidal. BORN PUNK in 59, PHD PREZ IN 17: 40 years ago, it was 77. 40 years before 99, it was 59! Words And Numbers Are Confirming The New Mick Jagger Was A Kid In The 60’s Preparing His White House From France And Great Britain, Abroad!


Vote for yourself on November 8.

You can’t prevent somebody to do something.” FV.


Mick Jagger is more than an actor, a champion of the medias with a career
as the leader-singer of The Rolling Stones, a British band more American
than a real one. As A French, Mick’s friend, Mike Fuller a.k.a. FV is more
American than other immigrants, including Arnold Schwarzenegger?

After 9 months of campaign on location nationwide, Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller is definitely in San Francisco to promote his ideas for A NEW PRESIDENCY.


  1. Well BORN IN 59 (20 years after 39), like the Vietnam war, just before the famous 1960’s, WITH GRACE KELLY IN MONACO TO PREPARE HIS PRESIDENTIAL RACE TO WIN LIKE JFK but as a Republican like REAGAN, Screen Actors Guild President, other family friend for 57 years of great memories to share now with the population, Washington and Lafayette.
  2. Civic PUNK IN 77, in France and Great Britain using Rock music politically for social progress (10 years after Sergeant Peppers), WITH JIMMY CARTER REFUSING HIS BAND BY MISTAKE UNTIL NOW (Anti-Semitism?) but Ike Eisenhower finished Hitler previously. No segregation in America! All of us are fans of The Beatles and our BRAMSTOCKER. IVth Reich for the Jews.
  3. PHD IN 99 (40 years after 59) just before Year 2000 of the Millennium and September 11, 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center in New York, WITH STAN LEE’s DAREDEVIL AS MASTERMIND OF A SCIFI LIFE, timeframes, HIS COMPANY.


4. PREZ IN 17 (40 years after 77) one century after the Russian revolution and Americans in WWII, WITH star JESSIE ANDREWS, FIRST LADY AND NO BLAKE. ONE AND ONLY MANDATE DEDICATED TO THE GIRLS IN THE UNITED STATES, too much victims of Human Trafficking. They were not available for me until now and Jessie will manage the ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT) for the New Age and Flower Power in DC. No more corruption with these new Bonnie and Clyde.

JOIN THE GOP2, PRESIDENTIAL POWER! To improve the Republicans and welcome the Democrats who want more reforms.

Read my blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com 

Email me: fredkelly@dr.com

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Dr. Strange Convention In Las Vegas In February: A Super-Hero Who Is Mike Fuller’s Next Networking Project For Culture And Business!

This Will Be A Great Event In Vegas Because Comics Are A Part Of The Film Industry!

TIMEFRAMES News: The Dr. Strange Convention In Las Vegas Is Scheduled To Be Synchronized With The 2010 ARA (Awards And Recognization Association) International Awards Market, February 24, February 25, February 26, 2010.


A Super-Hero Who Is Not Enough Famous In America Because He Is Unique And A Magician Who Has A Fandom That Will Be Invited In Las Vegas!

Links To Steve Ditko, The Creator with Stan Lee Of Dr. Strange:



Katie Cassidy Is Selected To Be One Of The Stars Of TIMEFRAMES And Mike Fuller, Movie Promoter, Decides To Offer Her A Part In A Dr. STRANGE Project That He Will Develop Next Year, In 2010, After The Convention In Vegas!

In Las Vegas, After His Birthday Party September 10, 2008, Mike Fuller Will Celebrate This Year 2010 With A Convention Regarding The Entertainment Industry: Dr. Strange, The MARVEL COMICS Hero Fandom Unofficial Meeting!

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