Dear Judge,

I am sure I have no chance at all right now to join the GOP one more time to be a part of the 2016 Presidential Race.

The reason is your New Jersey Governor. Chris Christie represents of the Republican Party that does not accept enough newcomers like me, a Web insider not enough famous outside the Internet.

Already George Bush did not do what was necessary to improve my profile in 2010 for the US Senate election in California when I was a Write-In candidate.

My complaint is a personal one (my nickname is Mike Fuller) about being more respected by older Republicans like Christie and nationwide.

I am sure you will investigate to be sure next time I call the Party, the reply will be YES and definitely: Welcome.

Frederic Vidal


Hello Republicans:

2016 is tomorrow and we know the GOP will get the White House in November after 8 years of Barack Obama Presidencythat are in progress with no change of the American ideology we want more proactive and connected to the reality: the economy and Wall Street.

Mike Fuller is my nickname to be more famous in the US. It’s a reason why I am candidate to be your next President. But it is necessary to prepare a network nationwide with your State GOP. I’m also the leadsinger of BRAMSTOCKER and the entrepreneur who created TIMEFRAMES LLC in Hollywood and POST-SCRIPTUM in France where I’m shooting a first short film NICE BELONGS TO US this Spring.

Be a part of our Teamwork on the Web and in your town by joigning Frederic Vidal on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress.

Read my letter to the New Jersey Supreme Court about the Amendment citizens need to feel stronger and support my candidacy. This is all about the Bush years that were not 100% functional and not ready for our breakthrough.


Frederic Vidal

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The Mike Fuller Web Wave Is For The USA To Be Connected To 2016 Already. No More Brainwashers In The GOP And In France Against Mike According To Frederic Vidal.

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Mike Fuller is an electoral giant in America. Authorize him in the Press.

Vidal is Fuller’s future Ticket second name. 2016 is their golden year.

Mike is Ike’s spiritual son. American Dream is back from the 50’s.

Mike Fuller is your boyfriend. This is true. The Congress Midterm election will give him a Majority before his Presidency.

Fuller for President. He is your hero from the underground of US glory on the Web. GOP4MIKE

Frederic Vidal, Fuller’s #2 is a real Self-Made-Man with tons fo degrees and Tactics.

If you don’t like Mike? You must stop refusing the Truth. He’s here to stay, in DC and in every State.

The USA with Mike Fuller will be really in 2000’s a new century of Science and Society progress.

He’s a Novelist, a gifted politician and your spokesman. His message is about our New America: a new team.


In France, they vote today for a new Mayor. City Hall elections are empowered by Mike Fuller.

Other Tweets upcoming. Stay Tuned.


I’m writing to the 50 GOPs in the 50 United States of America to diffuse my song by BRAMSTOCKER: NICE IS MY TOWN.

Streaming link:

My enemies are down in France after the success of my City Hall elections strategy pro-Bettati, Estrosi dissident and Nice Mayor of the future for the right environment of my American White House race and first the GOP Primary.

But there is a conspiracy to prevent me to be in the Press and included in the organization of the Republican Party.

First, I am sending a complaint to the New Jersey Supreme Court against this State Governor who is also a candidate, one told me, in the polls, with a French private support. He’s a superstar leader of a veterans GOP team versus me.

This governor named Chris Christie is a Ronald Reagan fan who does not respect enough at all my MIKE FULLER franchise, nickname and political brand, famous on the World Wide Web since 2010as a homage to the Republican Party best years with Dwight Eisenhower.

The investigation process and probable lawsuit concerns also George W Bush who stopped obviously my electoral career from the beginning of my US citizenship in 2006and Mitt Romney. I met him in Tampa after his Florida Primary victory in 2012. In DC, John Boehner and Eric Cantor refused to recomment me in order to be a member of an important Grand Old Party VIPs Club. Reince Priebus, #1 of the national board of the RP never called me back after I spoke several times with his assistant in Washington before the Tampa Summer Convention of 2012.

Barack Obama himself is possibly saying that I am a dissident like Snowden. I am the contrary, even on the Web, a real true Patriot and US military supporter worldwide, at the same time continuing the example de Lafayette to keep my native citizenship: French that is allowed and historic.

I’m candidate for the Presidency and I start to protect my Civic Rights by writing to the New Jersey Judge for no more obstruction and segregation against me.

Frederic Vidal
AKA Mike Fuller

Chris Christie with Jon Bon Jovi. Does the Rock Star knows that the Republican Governor of his State, New Jersey does not want me or Mike in the GOP charts for 2016. He's wrong to do that. FV

Chris Christie with Jon Bon Jovi. Does the Rock Star knows that the Republican Governor of his State, New Jersey, does not want me or Mike in the GOP charts for 2016 ? He’s wrong to do that. FV

Picture from Bon Jovi site:




Recommandé Romney

Romney for President

Romney for President

Hello Mitt:

I met you in Tampa in January 2012 and I have a great memory of this first touch.

I am writing you from Nice, France where I am living since the death of my French aunt.

The Presidential Election was a great competition we lived together. You were almost elected.

Now, it’s 2013 and we have so many things to share with the GOP: projects. I would like to build them with you.

I’m proud to be American since 2006. As a French, I want to improve my first State as the Prime Minister one day.

Let’s impeach the so-called winner of the election, Barack Obama, because he did not win legally. He will be judged.

In 2016, I will be candidate for the US Senate (I was a write-in candidate in 2010 in California against Barbara Boxer) and I dream about an amendment for the immigrants to be Presidential candidates. I know you will run in 2016.

I am first a film maker preparing the movie FRENCH COP in France and the United States and the frontman of the Punk band BRAMSTOCKER, still playing good songs since 1977. I would like to have your support for these cultural activities.


Frederic Vidal


The Inter-Letters™ #2, Volume II, 08/18-19/2012 (Saturday – Sunday). Each Letter To Have Their Own News Blog And Site While This Compilation Blog Letter So Appreciated Is The Center Of Our Reseau Of Interactive Dialogue Online!

1. Backstage.

The Editorial Team is thinking about improving the presentation and the marketing of this compilation newsletter and the independence of each ones that begins today with 5 additional blogs on WordPress and 5 sites on Google Sites.


to be completed.


to be completed.


to be completed.

2. Front Stage.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #2-Vol II: Last weekend before Tampa.

The Convention is in 8 days. We must be ready for this great event that takes place every 4 years, next time in 2016. The Grand Old Party is ours. Founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854, it dominated politics from 1860 to 1932. 18 presidents have been Republicans. What about the 19th? He can be Mitt Romney or not. In November, the election result will decide. The polls are bad but it can change. Obama is weak and our ticket can win but something is missing until now. This week before Tampa, let’s identify what we need to be elected. This must be A MESSAGE.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #2-Vol II: This Blog is our Main Site.

Our newsletters are stronger now, ready to be more diffused, to have their own blog, to get new readers, to be featured each one on a website. This is thanks to this WordPress Blog that is Mike Fuller main publication. Fuller, the author of French Cop and so many other literacy creation for movie and merchandising, is also a brilliant social leader who does not like the word politics, preferring the word government and policies. Politicians are too much involved in their own career, voters and campaign workers can’t accept this strategy when it’s only personal. Fuller’s letters are tickets to the White House for 2012.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #2-Vol II: The Rock History is Not Over.

Since the 1960’s, there is a project and a dream inside the rock community, not only Peace and Love but, in fact, ownership without stress and family without rules meaning illegal rules like threats in the streets and racket about your house that creates stress. World cannot be perfect but young people from the XXth century until now need their independence and their certitude to live their life the way they want like a free human being. This is, consequently, the BRAMSTOCKER™ mentality. Music is the art they use to send images of their happiness.

): FRENCH POST ™ #2-Vol II: Conventions need Press Release.

This is the text of the press communique to be released next week by the Web about the Republicans and the Presidency in the United States: This is an important time for America. The two major partis are about to hold their convention. (to be continued).

Los Angeles,California, United States of America ( August 20, 2012 —

Tony Scott, the director of Top Gun, is dead. He committed a suicide on Sunday. There is a bad mood in the film industry. The Batman massacre in Aurora, Colorado was the first evidence of it. My name is Mike Fuller and I want the victory of Mitt Romney because the present President was wrong about culture and the Internet. My objective is also to be a write-in Presidential candidate in November by using my birth name: Frederic Vidal. For my ticket, I would like to have Taylor Swift as vice-Presidential candidate. For us, in Hollywood, the reason of our problems is that the films are not in the Internet.
What about the diffusion of the feature films on the web? Nothing is ready yet after all these years and we are the victims of it: us, filmmakers and actors, you, online moviegoers. So, write to the White House or directly call Barack Obama for an explanation: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20500, phone number: (202) 456-2121. Also, you can write to Mitt Romney for a project of change at: Romney for President, PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756, or call his staff: 857-288-3500.

We don’t really want an American Putin. The solution could be James Bond on Youtube (but with a fee): we gonna check who can help us. There is probably no quality streaming available online because of the Bush presidency.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #2-Vol II: Le Bilan des 100 Jours.

100 jours pour convaincre ? non, ce fut 100 jours de déception et de regret du Vote Hollande qui probablement se serait porté sur d’autres si les électeurs avaient su que le candidat en question ne tiendrait pas ses promesses. Maintenant, c’est l’été et il faut faire l’inventaire des 100 premiers jours au pouvoir d’un anti-Mitterrand qui s’est entouré d’un groupe de fidèles qui ne ressemble pas à un gouvernement normal. Il ne faut rien à attendre de très bon pour le second semestre qui se terminera en décembre, probablement avec un nouveau paysage politique français à préparer ensemble.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: the FBI.

Motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. I like the FBI.

Motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. I like the FBI.

Wikipedia: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency (counterintelligence).

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Mike Fuller.
This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign of Mitt Romney.

To translate from French to English or viceversa:

The Inter-Letters™ book site:


Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: My Generation.

The Inter-Letters™ #26, 07/21 – 22/2012 (Saturday-Sunday). We sent a man in Sweden.

Special Offensive of Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller alias Fred Kelly alias BRAMSTOCKER on Twitter for the counter-attack against the Tweetgate manipulation by the Socialists en France.

Aux Nations-Unis, la France et l’Angleterre doivent en répondre de leur attitude néfaste qui a engendré la guerre au Moyen-Orient depuis 03.

Plus de reine, plus de roi, plus de prince, plus de nobles, plus rien du tout de la royauté, c’est ce que veut le peuple anglais et le Punk.

Blocus commercial contre l’Angleterre jusqu’à l’instauration d’une République. Les Jeux Olympiques militeront en ce sens. BRAMSTOCKER wins.

Arrêtons définitivement nos relations diplomatiques avec l’Angleterre qui est un pays néfaste à la France et favorable à la décadence.

Le Sénat, l’Assemblée nationale et les 2 palais de l’ancien régime appartiennent à un cartel qui n’est pas socialiste : l’UMPS, un monstre.

Illegal Drugs are the among the worst medications on Earth and it is possible to stop their use with Anti-Terrorism. Europe is the place

Frédéric Vidal : “Je demande à INTERPOL  d’enquêter sur le Parti Socialiste et d’éventuels traffics de drogue en son sein liés au Colorado.”

L’Etat PS, c’est le PS dans tous ses états et le PS, c’est la honte avec la récession mode d’emploi, un pauvre programme sans fleur du tout.

L’Etat PS, c’est l’Etat en faveur de l’Etat sans PS et le parti du système Mitterrand n’est plus qu’un parti sans système et sans Mitterrand

L’Etat PS, c’est l’Etat en train de finir le PS. L’Etat interdira ce parti avant la fin de l’année, selon mes prévisions. Le PS, c’était mal

Le réseau criminel qui a tué 12 personnes au Colorado dans un cinéma a des ramifications en Europe et en France. NOUS LES PUNIRONS SUR PLACE

Les milieux du music hall et de la mode doivent être investigués afin de participer à la luttte contre la drogue et le banditisme.

De Gaulle aimait Hollande qui se prend tellement au sérieux qu’il resssemble à un Franco et à Mussolini. Un dictateur au profil de cheval.

François Hollande aime les Beatles et les Rolling Stones. C’est interdit à l’Elysée. Je demande une enquête de moeurs le concernant, vite.

Sir Paul McCartney must resign in order to respect his Country. The Chamber of the Lords doesn’t need a singer who promoted the Ku Klux Klan

Sir Paul McCartney must resign in order to respect his Country. The Chamber of the Lords does not need a singer who explained John and Yoko.

Scotland Yard must begin a general investigation in the United Kingdom about connections between the Colorado murder and British rock.

This is necessary the Queen decide to finish the career of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones because these 2 groups are connected to drugs.

Bravo à la communauté Internet pour sa lutte contre le terrorisme et la recherche des vrais coupables de l’attentat du Colorado. Web is Good

La VIIe République sera Rock sans Drogue et BRAMSTOCKER only. Adieu Noir Désir, Téléphone, Trust, Kent et Manu Cao, ton son est inaudible.

De Gaulle Debré, un couple marié selon la loi de la République la plus Mitterrandienne, les élus de Paul McCartney, le Beatles de Yesterday.

Frederic Vidal : “I like and play Rock but not for promotion of Chaos and LSD like these British terrorists before Alqaida and always old.”

Frederic Vidal : “The Batman fans represent America and the machine gun was used by these rock activists who sang Revolution with Lennon.”

Frederic Vidal : “Warner Bros. is injured after the shooting and the reply is about a public investigation against the Beatles drug family.”

The situation in  the USA must be clarified around the Beatlesmania. McCartney’s songs are about drugs only and inspiring crimes, Colorado.

Le caractère insurrectionnel de la vague anglaise de rock sur les USA dans les années 60 doit trouver une réplique maintenant. Paul down.

Les Fans des Beatles sont à enquêter par rapport à l’attentat dans le Colorado. Ils n’aimaient pas Batman et préféraient la marijuana de GB.

George Harrison et John Lennon, deux activistes terroristes contre les Etats-Unis d’Amérique. J’alerte Homeland Security après les 12 morts.

Ringo Starr, quitte vite Hollywood, j’arrive. Tu es celui qui est un batteur sans imagination et ton bilan est maigre (en chansons).

GOSSIP : Paul McCartney veut se faire Blake Lively, il n’y arrivera pas. Sa femme est sa confidente et j’ai été informé avant de lui dire.

Il faut décoder toutes les chansons des Beatles par rapport à la drogue parce que ce groupe était les plus grands dealers du monde “libre”.

Terminer Palerme, c’est terminer la mafia et tu en seras infomé par email. Je te tweete à Arlington mardi pour te proposer une autre demeure

Tu me plais pas Kennedy après la mort, tu empoisonnes Obama et tu accuses Palerme, laisse-le moi pour que je le termine à ta place

He, John si tu veux savoir qui c’est qui t’a tué, on va le savoir ensemble. Barack Obama est le chef du Secret Service et il va enquêter.

Kennedy, ton nom, on se le zappe de notre dictionnaire et on enquête pourquoi tu soutenais Hollande, t’avais un problème d’enfant mort-né.

JFK, t’as eu combien d’enfant ? Si t’es mort, tu le dois au Parti Démocrate et ta Blake, c’était la femme de Nixon.

Hollande, tu as rendu malade la France et je vais te le faire payer, pas en roubles. Ta tête de notaire me contraint à prendre un avocat.

Les Notaires tombent dans la délinquance et il est certain que les français vont organiser une loi parallèle qu’ils imposeront au Parlement.

L’immobilier en France est malade, il faut réformer les agents immobiliers qui nous mentent sur la santé des immeubles à vendre ou à louer.

De Gaulle, on lui dit bye bye, c’était un mauvais souvenir qu’on croyait sans danger. Il est le pire de ces Présidents qui nous ont menti.

Après Hollande, on aura le choix entre la liberté et la soumission une nouvelle fois, je propose la Libération de Paris avec De Gaulle hué.

J’aurais le temps de t’en envoyer plus de Tweets, la France, dès après qu’on ait bien dormi. J’ai la vie dure et je te jure qu’Hollande non.

La Vague Anti-Hollande commence et l’UMP, je le jette à la poubelle. J’ai voté Sarkosy et il a dit du mal de moi.

L’ancien régime du régent Sarkosy, le marxiste Hollande a un mauvais avenir, LE NOTRE EST AU BEAU FIXE.

Hollande et les Hollandaises, c’est mieux que les Gitanes sans filtres peut-être. Un homme seul qui s’ignore. Lis nos Tweets et tais-toi.

Rends nous l’Etat, faux frère. Tu as confisqué le pouvoir au Peuple français depuis le 14 juillet, en faveur de Louis XVI. Pas de trêve.

Honteux comportement du Gouvernement français pour m’empêcher d’avoir un enfant. J’appelle un avocat lundi et je repars en Amérique. Triste.

Honteux comportement du Gouvernement français pour m’empêcher d’avoir un enfant. J’appelle un avocat lundi et je repars en Amérique. Triste.

Les tabloids fr seront informés de cet impossible communication entre ma proposition de service et leur volonté de nuire à ma vie privée.

J’ai porté plainte contre X à Nice, l’héritage de ma tante ne m’a toujours pas été attribué après 1 an d’attente et l’intimidation continue.

McCartney et la drogue, son concert au Mexique fait scandale et son baiser sur la bouche, je n’en veux pas. Les Beatles étaient des ploucs.

Branchés, ce n’est pas pervers. Le Beatles qui reste et un Beatles de trop par rapport au Peace and Love. Il a trahi l’Amérique et moi.

Mc est Let it Be fait divers qui me concurrence en matière de femmes car il m’en veut de s’être remarié avec une autre que Jane Asher.

Les Clinton-Obama poussent McCartney contre moi car guitariste de Bramstocker, je nuis à l’image du pays selon un noir à la Maison Blanche.

L’Etat français suit ce problème en s’en réjouissant selon moi qui compte en appeler à l’opinion dans les prochains jours car il y a PARJURE

Démissionne Hollande et ton Tweetgate, tu t’étais engagé à me soutenir un minimum alors que tu me traites de terroriste avec ton équipe.

On a pas le droit de se marier en France quand on s’appelle Frédéric Vidal et que l’on fait de la politique. L’Etat se meurt dans ce CONSTAT

Parti Socialiste, tu empêches les français d’avoir une famille heureuse et des enfants indépendants. Ton national pessimisme ira à la LOI.

Mon concurrent, David Assouline, doit s’expliquer au Sénat. Nous étions ensemble dans le XXe en 2000 et je suis sans argent maintenant.

Le PS est pire que la Scientologie. Penses à ta femme, Hollande. La mienne s’appelle Marianne (elle va mal). Tais-toi.

J’avais invité Michelle Williams et Jack Lang m’a injurié en refusant de patronner un Colloque sur Marilyn Monroe. Alors, elle m’a quitté.

12 morts au Colorado pour la projection de Batman alors que son mari Heath Ledger est décédé sur le plateau du précédent, c’est terrible.

J’appelle aussi Mitt Romney lundi car ce problème de clash en France me nuit pour Tampa et je vais lui en demander une issue possible.

J’accuse la chaîne BFMTV d’un permanent encerclement médiatique contre mes thèses Pouvoir Présidentiel France. Trop US, pas pour Mitt et moi

Je demande au PS de convoquer Lang pour lui demander des explications sur son attitude en faveur d’une grandeclaque dans ma gueule danslavie

Mon Secrétariat d’Etat associatif dépose requêtes au CSA, à la CNIL, à la CNN, à la CADA et au Conseil d’Etat pour refus de citoyenneté.

La campagne en cours contre moi est d’une insolence militante qui n’a jamais eu d’égal. Elle est foncièrement xénophobe et antisémite.

Je demande à la Reine d’Angleterre de tancer Paul McCartney pour ces insultes contre les Etats-Unis d’Amérique pro-Obama et anti-social.

BRAMSTOCKER GOSSIP : Paul, John et George aimait les belles mèches Ringo car il avait une bague Medellin dans HELP, un mauvais garçon dans

Dujardin en Suède c’est la prochaine étape de sa carrière en Amérique. Il aime les blondes et elles le lui rendent bien. Pasla mienne GOSSIP

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #45: Tampa, a Las Vegas on its own. The Republicans around Mitt Romney and Mike Fuller, Cantor and Eisenhower.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT. The Weapon License.

The firearm license must be like the Driving license WITH A PERMIT. For the revolvers, a moto type of license. For the gun, a car type of license. For a machine gun, like a truck. For a bazooka or a big gun, a plane type of it.

Frédéric Vidal : “I want the NRA to prepare the text of this Law to be voted this year.”

It seems better to authorize everybody to have a gun than the black market we manage not enough with the police right now. License to kill without exam is not a good license. License to kill without exam is not a good license. You have the right to protect yourself and to neutralize the guy who want to kill you. The reality is the contrary. It is about to change. The COLORADO LAW will invite and welcome all the Americans to have a gun if they accept to candidate for a license. Otherwise, not anymore gun without a family. Uncle Sam don’t accept you to buy a gun without control. But if you accept this control, you really can appreciate your gun and protect our Country against the Terrorists, even if they have a US passport. Légitime défense, they call in France. SELF DEFENSE but for everybody. With the Mike Fuller Law, the American Dream won’t be anymore a massacre sometimes but all the time a Win Win without bullets.

LSAT light machine gun. American and German, it's a military weapon, not personal.

LSAT light machine gun. American and German, it’s a military weapon, not personal.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #45: Vatican 2 in Hollywood. Blood and Champagne. Lies and redemption. Traite des blanches à Hollywood. What about the Pope to judge this ex-community? The Mexico Drug Gang insult the Mary Virgin.

In Mexico, the drug cartels supported by the State and not attacked by the DEA enough are preparing its domination of California. Our tanks will send them a reply soon if they don’t stop. The reply is not a threat only but the definitive war against illegal drugs. The US Army has to be ready with a plan to go to Mexico City as soon of possible to control the Country like in Iraq or our kids will die thanks to the Heroin of the murderers of these gangs. Barack Obama must prepare this risk of independence end of our neighbor from Spain.

Hellcats of the Navy; Ronald for his Top Gun before to be the first Tom Cruise (SAG) and Governor of California, then President of the United States.

Hellcats of the Navy; Ronald for his Top Gun before to be the first Tom Cruise (SAG) and Governor of California, then President of the United States.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #45: Gold Platinum. Let’s call the DEA.

Mike Fuller’s Gold Platinum™ is the result of a single object: to give to the readers and the moviegoers the anti-John Le Carré explanation about drugs and espionage. Le Carré is the worst novelist regarding the truth about everything. We have to know why he was so best-seller in his career. Probably thanks to you, audience that never use the Internet (tell them webbers /bloggers) because they are a part of the ancient times when nothing was possible and all the world obliged to be democratic in a bad way like the Democrats in America. So, let’s wait until November and after the election of a Republican President, Obama will be interviewed about Le Carré, his mistakes in Afghanistan and his party campaign about IRS and dirty wars. Read the diagram about Gold Platinum™ and imagine the feature.

Gold Platinum, A Film about Heroin and Cocain and how to stop the dealers by Surprise.

Gold Platinum, A Film about Heroin and Cocain and how to stop the dealers by Surprise.

Gold Platinum is the best novel by Mike Fuller. 75% Gold and 25% of platinum. This will be paid for 75 lingots. By the readers of the book.

Gold Platinum is the best novel by Mike Fuller. 75% Gold and 25% of platinum. This will be paid for 75 lingots. By the readers of the book.

): FRENCH POST™ #45: Grace Kelly epitaph. Her Principality was Democratic (Party).

Grace Kelly was not a great Princess but not also a smart lady. The evidence of it is her WILL, her testimony. What is written there? Nobody knows right now and I think it must be released in order to be sure it is not criticized by her American family. The Kelly dynasty is also in the US, a part of the Elite without other ties than her with Royalty. So, Monaco is a drink in some hotels but a problem nowadays as there is a permanent conflict there between the Prince and his wife, not a US citizen. Albert, the Prince, is Grace Kelly’s son, a 50 years old (approximately) boy promoting his “State” of French fiction with not a lot of reality. There, propaganda is the rule #1, no news when you’re well-known and against the rule #2: friendship. The Internet civilization will give us the reply to Albert, a competitor of us (the Fuller family, Mike’s leadership, “Also known As”  kind of decided name, thank you, everybody): to calm down when your mother’s was a copy of Marilyn Monroe and not the original as she preferred another career, with Louis the XVI, a king still popular in some clubs but against the Republic obviously. So Grace Monaco could have been your real name. The Kelly’s are done.

The Angel (fairy tale)

The Angel (fairy tale)

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #45: Cartel de Médeline contre Cartel de la Drogue. La Victorine (Riviera Studios), programme de fermeture. Mon contentieux au Conseil Constitutionnel (candidature à l’élection présidentielle).

Je décide enfin de faire valoir mes droits concernant ma candidature. Elle a été refusée par Jean-Louis Debré par erreur, une erreur historique qui doit désormais rentrer dans les livres d’histoire après une bonne remise à niveau que j’attends pour le mois d’août. La Maison de la Chimie est le cadre approprié afin de réunir tous les intervenants pertinents pour la question de mon colloque relatif à Marilyn Monroe, 50 ans après. C’est crucial car j’ai déclaré ma candidature présidentielle refusé en même temps que j’ai pensé à la célébrer, ma victoire présidentielle, dans le 7e arrondissement le 5 août suivant le deuxième tour que j’aurais forcément gagné contre François ou contre Nicolas, Nicolas, je crois car Hollande aurait été distancé par moi au premier tour. Nicolas Sarkosy aurait été invité et bien congratulé car je l’aime pour sa qualité d’approche des débats (je lui aurai posé la question de savoir pourquoi il a voulu se représenter). Donc, écrivons à Debré et maintenons la Chimie en téléphonant à Hollande pour le convier à la journée américaine anti-Human Trafficking.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Ronald Reagan.

Reagan Ronald, a brand of Hollywood B film, a future A President.

Reagan Ronald, a brand of Hollywood B film, a future A President.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube:

My 2 Letters To The Americans And The French.

Plus on the 2 Campaign Blogs :




Dear Americans,

I believe in an another solution than the routine of the Obama Years: crisis, elections, poor economy masked by a man on a stage and the Army never back from Afghanistan. The Republican Primary is now almost over even if there will not be a nominee before August.

I was in Tampa one time in February, I will be in Tampa two times with a second time to explain to the Delegates that we have a program, the AMERIPLAN written by me to give to our Party, the GOP that is also the Small Young Party of the United States – SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG IS FOREVER, PARTY MEANS POWER – the ambition to prepare the future by understanding, more everyday, what happened the past few years in our mind: A KIND OF DEPRESSION even if we won the elections in 2010 not for nothing with John Boehner who became Speaker but not for a lot of change.

The change must happen now in 12 with a real experience of Victory in November. To get it, we must be sure of our candidate and I AM NOT CERTAIN THAT MITT ROMNEY will represent our values as we need. I believe in America as an immigrant for the TRUTH, the VERITY and the JUSTICE in everything.

So, I want to be your NOMINEE for a real changement to schedule EVERY MONTH on the next four years AGENDA! A reform every Month meaning 48 months of Reform to compensate 12 years without real reforms except the OBAMACARE that did not succeed completely. because of the popularity of Barack Obama, a President who was appreciated by you, Americans, as a Friend more than a White House Statesman.

After Obama: it is possible to think about it already this year, all thing has an end and ONE TERM ONLY is better than no term at all. In 4 years, he succeeded to express his style that will not be forgotten by his fans and his opponents.

The worst of them all was Mitt Romney who recently adopted an Obama attitude with a charisma and a glamorous speech looking like dangerous for us, Republicans, who don’t want a second disaster after the bad result of John McCain 4 years ago, too sure to beat the future President and then creating a nationwide sadness still present in 2012. I can imagine a happier end WITH A WIN but for that I need an Amendment. I think we have to be AMBITIOUS, imagining a NEW AMERICA to feel better and make our voters feel better.

Then, rendezvous in Florida, the State of Marco Rubio, a nice man but a bad Senator to my point of view, in TAMPA, for the CONVENTION OF THE LAST CHANCE before a 2nd term of Barack Obama. If we don’t want it, let’s dialogue about the conditions to prevent him to do so. There will be a lot to say. I SPEAK ENGLISH.

Frederic Vidal

Frederic Vidal AMERIPLAN:

I. The Problems Are:


1. The Nation exhausted by 10 Years of War.

a. No victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b. Al Qaida continues after Bin Laden.

2. The Medias Propaganda creates Submission.

a. The CNN culture repeats te same message: Obey!

b. The Press creates the obligation to be famous before to be published.


1. Presidents and Candidates shown as Heroes not Leaders.

a.The OBAMAMANIA was destructive for the social community.

b. The Romney promotion is a Rubio brainwashing.

2. The Devil Bush and Comedian Obama built a Depression.

a. Some kind of panic mood.

b. Stress-Minded, the electors believe in nothing.

II. The Solutions will be:


1. Let’s vote an Amendment.

a. Citizenship empowerment.

b. Congress-President Relation.

2. It will change the meaning of our Sacred Text.

a. To express better Federation Goal ! One Congress/President for 50 States.

b. The Judiciary Power must be closer to the People.


1. The biggest companies must sale more.

a. Studies are necessary for more Blockbusters.

b. No collaboration between competition.

2. The Americans have the choice to buy what they want.

a. Cheap is the objective.

b. People must have the choice of 2 or more products.


Chers Francais,

Tout va bien. La France profonde s’est exprimee dimanche et nous avons le choix dimanche dans plus d’une semaine entre un candidat de progres et de progression. Le progres, c’est Hollande, la progression, c’est Sarkosy. Entre les deux, votre coeur balance et le mien bat pour vous.

 Vous etes Marianne et il s’agit maintenant de prevoir plus pour se sentir mieux. Nous avons besoin DE RAJEUNIR NOTRE CONSTITUTION. Depuis 1958, beaucoup de grands sujets ont donne lieu a debat en France mais jamais encore nous n’avons entame un debat national au sujet de nos institutions.

Je pense que c’est le moment parce que les 20% du Front national et les 10% de Francois Bayrou, apotre d’une 6e Republique, doivent nous inciter A NOUS REMETTRE EN QUESTION. Le bon score de Jean-Luc Melenchon, lui aussi favorable a une 6e Republique, est un autre signe de succes DU CHANGEMENT que nous souhaitons, que De Gaulle aurait souhaite. OFFRONS-NOUS DU NEUF, un immeuble constitutionnel qui fonctionne mieux sans 49.3, sans article 11 mais avec, en remplacement, DES ARTICLES DE COMMUNICATION entre le Parlement et le President, DES ARTICLES DE REFORME que nous pourrons elaborer ensemble avec la mise en place d’un Conseil Consultatif Constitutionnel.

Pour le 2e tour, il y a peu d’enjeu, le socialiste a un grand projet : LEQUEL ? Le President souhaiterait se RENOUVELER, pour quel avenir ? Il nous l’a dit, le notre mais le notre, il nous appartient et IL FAUT LIER CETTE ELECTION A LA REFORME DE LA CONSTITUTION pour ne pas vieillir, pour voir plus grand sinon cette course sera sans retour.

On a besoin d’une pause. Encore un nouveau Gouvernement ! Et puis, les Legislatives. Je prepare des contentieux aussi concernant ma candidature : C’EST PAS LA JOIE si on ne decide pas ensemble de devenir creatif. Pour ce faire, consolons les petits candidats, en particulier Eva Joly, pour leurs scores insatisfaisants qui n’ont pas atteint le succes escompte. On ne peut etre candidat et etre elu, cela est reserve a un seul : LE GAGNANT et le gagnant, c’est MOI meme en dehors du scrutin car le BLANC NOMME, vous l’avez tous adopte, C’EST UNE PAGE BLANCHE sur laquelle vous avez envie d’inscrire plus que mon nom, VOTRE HISTOIRE.

Vous, francais, moi, President ou CONTRE-PRESIDENT, nous verrons. Pour l’heure, veillons a respecter les regles du jeu et menageons les susceptibilites qui veulent qu’aucun ne sait encore de quoi demain sera fait. Les sondages se trompent parfois, parfois trop comme pour ce 1er tour QUI DONNE TROP FAVORI Francois Hollande. Est-il pour la 7e ou considere-t-il que la 5e est suffisante ? L’enjeu du Second Tour se joue sur cette question.

Nous verrons qui l’emporte mais pour l’instant, pour l’heure, nous nous devons de motiver sur la question institutionnelle qui m’a valu ma place (art. 7 rouille) et qui peut nous valoir UN PLUS EN RETOUR quand nous comprendrons que la grande question, c’est l’Etat, l’Etat de la France.

Amities a vos familles.

Frederic Vidal  

24 Avril 2012. De New York, Washington Heights.

PS : sinon, on revolutionne le Monde avec un nouveau Mai 68, l’affaire Marilyn Monroe.

Mon Plan de Presidence pour la France.

par Frederic Vidal.


1. L’Egalite des Citoyens.

a. Un logement pour tous.

b. Un travail pour chacun.

2. Le Progres des Revenus.

a. L’entreprise a la portee de tous.

b. Un salaire pour tous ceux qui le meritent.


1. L’Independance du territoire.

a. Ouvrir les frontieres au commerce exterieur.

b. Reduire la dette en augmentant la croissance.

2. Le dialogue egalitaire.

a. Favoriser la concertation pour la paix negociee.

b. Donner l’exemple d’un destin national.

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