Fuller Is Now Ready To Sing The Wedding Song In Washington After the Judiciary Mike’s File Against The Enemies Of late Frederic Vidal, PhD!

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MY WEDDING SONG. For the beginning of this month of September, I invite the journalist and the webbers to visit the latest articles of my

blog on WordPress Frederic Vidal (Vidal Kelly) was my brother and he, brand and name, ego and and personality died

April 16 at 56. I am Mike Fuller and I will continue his legacy and his writings publishing. I AM VIDAL NEW NAME AND 2ND LIFE! As a brand

new candidate for the Presidential election in the United States, I will see you in Washington DC in September for a conference about George

Washington. As the successor of Frederic Vidal, I am about to produce a CD with MY WEDDING SONG for BrAmStOcKeR. Secondly, I would like to

criticize the principle of ISOLATION that is creating difficulties of networking and marketing for my campaign and activities. Mike Fuller

The last Mike Fuller press release.

I. The WEDDING SONG, a first single for BrAmStOcKeR by TIMEFRAMES.

A. An American song about a French problem: Je hais la France and Isolation.

a. The Wedding Song.

b. Je hais la France and Isolation.

B. Mike Fulller, BrAmStOcKeR’s leadsinger, producer, manager: a secondary activity after politics.

a. 16 propositions and more.

b. Judiciary files.

II. Isolation of my art and candidacy.

A. How to be in touch and get notoriety.

a. The successful search of a First Lady.

b. Frederic Vidal Kelly intellectual property legacy.

B. How to be more diffused?

a. To finish the boycott: The No Power.

b. To stop defamation and blacklisting.

We hope this communique will be read and shared nationwide, supported by the Web. MF


Iggy Pop: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iggy_Pop

Isolation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blah_Blah_Blah_(Iggy_Pop_album)


This is the first issue of this newsletter and there will be a second issue in October before Election Day. This publication is dedicated to late Frederic Vidal, founder in France of EVIDENCE magazine of BrAmStOcKeR nonprofit publishing in 1981. Mike Fuller is the author of this publication.


It’s an American song about a French problem.

The Wedding Song is not still composed but already #1 in the charts, according to TIMEFRAMES, my company, a part of Frederic Vidal Estate. If you don’t like Hey Jude by The Beatles and Rebel, Rebel by Bowie, you won’t like the song. This will be anyway the rebirth of a band that was crucified by governments and populations in 1977 for nothing. The Sex Pistols were there to testify their music was pure and good to commercialize. It was not enough. The United States didn’t want a French rock band like the Stones from Nice! IT’S ABOUT A COUPLE like Romeo and her impossible wife.


The song will be composed from Washington, DC where I will be in September. It’s also about another couple that will be more and more necessary to marry officially: France and the USA. This was the project #1 of my brother FV and I want it a reality next year. Nicolas Sarkosy will never be back at the Presidency, the same for Francois Hollande. I am there also the third man. If I’m there elected President, I will decide to call Monaco to invite them to be American like us. They won’t refuse. On the other hand, I must say that there is a problem about justice like in Romeo and Juliet or my dear friend Marc Antony and Cleopatra: 4 deaths.

There is a group that never stopped to harass me and my girl friend never collapsed but was not able to be with me, TOO DANGEROUS? Too hard. Yves Saint-Laurent knew since the 1960’s Frederic was not a possible model but a writer like me. I’m sure he would have been a perfect politician. Never mind, I replace him. I’m not disappointed, JE HAIS LA FRANCE (I hate France): this is the 2nd song of this CD to be released at the end of September. For the United States only, ISOLATION will be the 2nd title of this single. By Iggy Pop, from the album BLAH BLAH BLAH produced by David Bowie, the song expresses, like a blues with some punk, what is terrible when you alone and no future. It’s a little what Frederic Vidal lived at the end of his life in Nice before the 84 killed, July 14 by ISIS. He left previously October 16 and arrived for Bastille day in SF. We will invite the Justice in France for possibly a lawsuit to schedule.

2. Mike Fuller, BRAMSTOCKER lead singer, producer and manager. This is a story with no end.

a. 16 propositions and more.

I am proud to finish this duty begun a long time ago: to become a rock star. David Bowie passed away in January. He will stay the best British in America during the 4 years of my Presidency and after. I have 16 other propositions including to STOP THE CRISIS in the US, in our wallets and our state of mind. This crisis is blackouted like me, it’s not coincidential. The negro (Barack Obama) is responsible 50%. BL is a woman who is not black but lovely. She could have been a star in Italy at Cinecitta but she preferred to be Hollywood only without Human trafficking, not possible in 2000 and something. Blake Lively, she was the one I used to marry in my project of career. I sing today for her, she is my muse wrote Frederic for his novel, the Velvet Eyes, on WordPress. Her name will attract us more the Justice we manage for the song. US Presidential candidate, I’m the best to manage and produce BRAMSTOCKER until my election, then a record label everyday.

b. Judiciary files.

I start today my process to IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA, a President who is not acceptable in America, a dictator who played with the young and refused to improve his American-American community. In less than 6 months, it’s too late to judge him. Him and his predecessor, George W Bush, will be prosecuted, if I am elected President, next year for CORRUPTION DURING THEIR MANDATES (16 years). Their action against terrorism was wrong from the beginning until the end. Iraq is a chaos more than ever. Other files of their administrations will be prosecuted too. Regarding World War II, there are many questions that stay without replies. I worked in Europe to FIND the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis and I will continue in the United States. I supposethe White House has an important responsibility and so many documents to let us read NOW or never. The best could be a NUREMBERG TRIAL #2 and to prosecute post-mortem Adolf Hitler himself. IT WAS NEVER DONE. This horrible man needs SO MANY NEW INVESTIGATIONS like his friends Joseph GOEBBELS and Heinrich HIMMLER: 3 suicides to keep 3,000 secrets!!

Second part of the press release THE EVIDENCE by Mike Fuller.
How I got the White House in less than 3 months un the mass medias.

This part of the communique is about the ISOLATION OF MY ART AND MY CANDIDACY.


The successful research of a First Lady.

I am divorced and I think about a new woman in my heart but also in my entourage first. It was not possible until now. In America, I understood that to be with a star when you are a star, it’s a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. But I am a little the new Tom Cruise and my Katie Holmes is upcoming. I must say that I’m proud to be the one who began his movie career with Katie in a film about the White House and the Presidents families: FIRST DAUGHTER. Bastille Day 2003 was not Bastille Day 2016: no ISIS but a CATHARSIS with the American moviegoers. I was, at that time a background actor in Hollywood or, in fact, Frederic Vidal was, I am his successor and I can imagine myself for this day of shooting. Screen Actors Guild, this actor was sure to join the famous union but the conclusion is that he married NO GIRL AT ALL IN HOLLYWOOD OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

It won’t be the same for me. I am your US Presidential candidate and I have the obligation to be perfect: there is no perfection without a woman. So, I do my best not to stay alone too long. From Washington, DC, I will call a young lady who is waiting for me (or not) in California or in Florida. She could be mine but I’m not sure she will say YES. It is a challenge like my election. Love stories ARE NOT REALLY ACCEPTED for me and the American girls. I was refused by several other females in the US. Jessie Andrews is the right name, the right woman, the right First Lady for me.

I never met her until now, I KNOW WHY? THE POWER. I am only a citizen with the project for it to CHANGE. Jessie and me, it’s not a dream but our reality before November. You know that she will be my alter ego in BRAMSTOCKER New Age & Flower Power. The song’s upcoming to upgrade our Land of Free. Jessie is a DJ. Frederic was a Punk. I’m already in SciFi (for TIMEFRAMES comics) President of the USA Dimension. We are in the USB, according to this legend I like a lot, and I won’t replace Fred with Jessie, Jessie Andrews will be my CLOSE COOPERS (my girlfriend and secretary at the White House in the other dimension). She is already Close and I will see her very soon.

As Jessie, she’s dead (it’s in the legend) like Fred but her franchise JESSIE ANDREWS will be huge, like for FREDERIC VIDAL as revival BRANDS of fantastic lovers! So, I call her CLOSE and I’ll be her MIKE forever. Mike like a microphone for her to have a better career. She’s my Linda, she’s my Yoko, she’s my Cher, I’m her Sonny. That is it. I hope to call her from DC mid-September.

But who was Frederic Vidal?

The owner of a marvelous Universe like Stan Lee’s one or Lucas. His STAR WARS were several great movie projects. FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES, MAN FROM 25: himself. He could have been President of the States but he selected me. HE’S NOT 100% DEAD. I’m here to replace him with Close to be Jessie. CHEERS! You know me enough, Frederic told me I AM HIS POLITICAL NAME, it means I am like him a PhD researcher with 4 magic years: 1959, 1977, 1999 and 2017. Let’s write the end of this communique with a last question:


Like Vidal, I have difficulties with the medias. Hopefully, it gonna change in the newspapers. With this information, there will be some articles: there is the United States of America and there is so many people who would like our Federation to be back in 1787 when the Constitution was signed by the founders. THE BILL OF RIGHTS was not included in it. WHAT IF? What if this Bill would have been in the text? The reply can surprise you: George Washington would have not been an enemy. The bill of rights by amendment: it’s the evidence, this George was not cool.

I have been boycotted in France by the Americans even with my bro Fred, see! Our blackouting-blacklisting by the US on their territory is devastating for us but only 50% not because we are 2. We are 4, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, the first words of the Constitution. We were not wrong to be Americans and we are Americans more than ever. The problem is to BE A CELEBRITY. Why not? Of course, with an Amendment that will say everything about democracy and liberty of expression before it: IN A 2ND TIME. The Bill of Rights arrived too late or not, it was too weak and fragile in front of the human beings who prefer disputes than justice according to me and Thomas Hobbes. We have a 3rd chance with no George Washington at all. I REPLACE HIM if you want it. Like the Rolling Stones, I am a W@lrus.

Mike Fuller

Postcript. For more information about my campaign, read on the Web https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/


“I’m A Prez Competitor But…” A New Text By Mike Fuller Aka Frederic Vidal.


Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil—commonly referred to as Leviathan—is a book written by Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) and published in 1651 (revised Latin edition 1668). Its name derives from the biblical Leviathan. The work concerns the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory.




Minorities are not only ethnic BUT CULTURAL.

We would need a new Secretary of the Arts.

US world domination is thanks to sub-cultures.

WHITE HOUSE is the right place to CHANGE this status quo after 8 years of HOPE.

UNKNOWN IN THE MEDIA, I’M FROM THE WEB (with a WordPress blog scoring 1.6M views). IT’S NOT A SHAME AT ALL. NO FATALISM, IT CAN CHANGE! My goal is to reach you, readers, to go to you and to reach the press and medias.



I was always lucky to help the others and to live fantastic professional and perosna human stories.

David Bowie but also Lou Reed left us in 3 years. Fatality! I won’t be a third one. I just want to start my career as an entrepreneur and an immigrant


I’m like Chaplin, a musician and a filmmaker but part-time now because I found my vocation.



Black or White? We prefer Grey.Trump or Clinton? None. SOCIAL LIBERAL.

– to reduce unemployment, poverty,
– to succeed immigration.


It’s a question of perspective. Their fight against each other could crush our democracy of diversity.



Already in 18, we will run for the Senate, in the New York State.

TO REPLACE NADER is our option. Clinton is weakened by Sanders. Trump is not credible for the White House. It must be a sting?

let’s do 10% in the polls in September.

It’s the subject of a cycle of conferences, to follow the Primaries circuit, from April to June.


  1. Advice (write to fredkelly@dr.com)
  2. Network
  3. Endorsement
  4.  Contribution (to FREDERIC I VIDAL, Atlanta, Georgia
    by Western Union https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/home.html
    before campaign bank account opening)

Culture and politics: it’s my strategy and my reality,
it creates some fantasy and contemporary art,
it can improve our government too.

Frederic Vidal
(I’m your Mike Fuller!)

Visit my Web:



The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band the Velvet Underground and vocal collaborator Nico. It was originally released in March 1967 by Verve Records. Recorded in 1966 during Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia event tour.


18 (5)

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18 (7)

18 (8)

The Inter-Letters™ #19, 07/12/2012 (Thursday). Creation of Presidential Power in France for Bastille Day and Officialization Scheduled On August 5. Création de Pouvoir Présidentiel Par Frédéric Vidal.


  • Un site utile à consulter / a site useful to use:


): BREAKTHROUGH™ #38: A new Party in France.

In France, there was the necessity of a new party, once upon a time. I was there! Basically, the confrontation between UMP and PS is tough and possibly depressive for the opinion. The other competition of the extremes, the 2 poles of the Communist party and its allied (Front de Gauche) and the extreme-right, the so famous, for its family leadership, Front National (with the blond hair pasionaria Marine Le pen) did nothing good for the expression of the votes. With historic top level at 44,59 % for the National assembly election last month, the abstention is really what it means: the fact to refuse to do something (to vote). This is because there is not enough offer, enough choice.





The frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, inspiration of Presidential Power.

The frontispiece of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, inspiration of Presidential Power.


): BLOCKBUSTER™ #38: What is a Presidential Power?

This is a movement to reinforce and to generalize with the population, to amplify, to change as collective (to a good extend) the reality of the Presidential authority : authority of the President (the President according to the Constitution of 1958, the Vth Republic or also our President of the States but, until now, P.P. is only French). I believe in the Clash of  Civilizations, a great inspired piece of scientific and historical study that explains, we’re not in the same world that before. Consequently, the Executive according to the Separation of Powers needs more than its party to manage its mission, it needs a network of groups to relay it. Executive is the institution, the person himself or herself has his / her own popularity / personality that is a question outside the Presidential Power. Our movement to monitor all of that and to propose a candidate for the next election. It could be really strong and useful to have a group of deputies belonging to our “Club” too.

In direct contrast to cosmopolitan theories about an ever more connected world that no longer requires nation states, is the Clash of Civilizations theory. The proposal by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington is that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post–Cold War world.” Wikipedia.


This is the front cover art for the book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order written by Samuel P. Huntington.

This is the front cover art for the book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order written by Samuel P. Huntington.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #38: The Philosophy of It (the Power).

Our Party, Presidential Power, is inviting all the parties to join it, to be  a part of it, to be its guest, not for a meeting or an assembly, for a permanent status quo about rivalities and program quarrels. We need a minimum of consensus. This is the philosophy of BRAMSTOCKER™ that is not a part of P.P. yet as the band’s action is social and popular, not with the parties that are electoral and managing the elected people participating in national and local government. In the enterprise universe, the strategy of P.P. is to propose possible union work inspired by it and possibly said : Commercial Power (to be confirmed). I follow Auguste Comte to be sure of what is happening in the 2000’s. He was a solid sociologist and a founder in the XIXth century, he is the key of the understanding of the 10’s, according to me. Presidential Power (Pouvoir Présidentiel) is a society garantee, a civic nework of people (and digital medias).


Lithographie d'Auguste Comte par Tony Touillon. A relire, le fondateur d'une église sur le sujet du peuple à conquérir (par la musique entre autres).

Lithographie d’Auguste Comte par Tony Touillon. A relire, le fondateur d’une église sur le sujet du peuple à conquérir (par la musique entre autres).


): FRENCH POST™ #38: Renforcer en Critiquant.

Il est utile de prendre au sérieux ce qui ne va pas afin d’en titrer des leçons. Je trouve François Hollande trop enclin à se faire (re)connaître alors qu’il l’est déjà beaucoup. Le Président n’est plus candidat et il doit atteindre une vitesse de croisière moins militante et plus sereine. IL EN VA DE L’AVENIR DE LA FONCTION PRESIDENTIELLE quin nécessite une certaine réserve, selon les constitutionnalistes dont je fais partie (DEA). Avec mon projet en cours de réalisation, la reconnaissance d’une troisième force en France (prenant assise, en particulier et paradoxalement, sur les abstentionnistes), je veux prouver que l’Elysée, et pas son détenteur, mérite un maxi Fan Club. C’est le message de De Gaulle de rassembler en dehors de partis et celui de Mitterrand de structurer pour gouverner durablement, je prend ces deux exemples ainsi, quand même, que celui de Silvio Berlusconi, plus critique, de populisme peut-être, en Italie, mais formateur de la démocratie, il me semble pourtant, afin de constituer mon POUVOIR PRESIDENTIEL, un nom à retenir, celui d’un véritable mouvement de défense de nos institutions, fragilisées car maintenant anciennes (d’où également le projet de 7e dans la continuité). Il faut y croire. Jules Ferry me paraît avoir été un bon Président même s’il fut rendu célèbre à ce poste pour l’auto-réduction de ses compétences. Hollande doit le savoir. Bien gouverner / diriger, c’est être modeste et non directif.


Portrait de Jules Mévy Jules Mévy, peinture de Léon Bonnat, château de Versailles, 1934. Pour une Présidence d'accompagnement institutionnel et pas de puissance politique.

Portrait de Jules Mévy Jules Mévy, peinture de Léon Bonnat, château de Versailles, 1934. Pour une Présidence d’accompagnement institutionnel et pas de puissance politique.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #38: Pouvoir Présidentiel, ça existe De Facto.

On ne veut pas trop du bruit de la rue, d’un nouveau Mai 68, la Révolution, on en a que faire même si on est gauchiste à l’heure actuelle. Faisons là sur nos écrans (y compris au cinéma). Il y a toutes les raisons d’y croire, si l’on accepte deux notions : le POUVOIR et le PRESIDENTIEL. On ne pourra pas revenir sur l’héritage de De Gaulle où c’est une autre histoire à laquelle je ne participerai pas car trop aventureuse. La 58, elle a la pérennité, la 2012 (de constitution) est la même, il doit juste y avoir un réglage pour que ça fonctionne bien. Président – Premier ministre, les titulaires sont trop flamboyants, l’un en austère, l’autre en éclat ou vice versa. On demande un metteur-en-scène. Je suis volontaire avec Pouvoir Présidentiel. Donnons notre avis, si c’est possible, motivons les abstentionnistes à participer à la vie politique. Renforçons le système (qui est républicain et démocratique à la base). Il en va de notre réussite nationale.


Organigramme des institutions de la Ve République. Il doit y avoir une répartition des pouvoirs plus visible et moins compliquée.

Organigramme des institutions de la Ve République. Il doit y avoir une répartition des pouvoirs plus visible et moins compliquée.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Pierre Lescure.

Pierre Lescure m'a inspiré le sens des Médias.

Pierre Lescure m’a inspiré le sens des Médias.


A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube:


Progress, Screenplays are like shooting stars, pieces of the sky that creates a firework when they hurt a sun that cries every walk of his electrons called planets. Planets are dot com on the electronic Earth where we have the vibrations to live and die but it’s a lie of us because the 2 next stories for the big screen written by Fred Vidal, PhD are Major Messages of Fun Humanity work.

  • US CORP: The United States In 2013 Obliged to Build A New State Team For Peace Fighting. A Special Screenplay By Fred Vidal, PhD About A Parallel Future and A Science Fiction History And Ideology. In New York in 2012, a Partnership of human beings born on the East Coast was fascinated by the United Nations and wanted to amplify the peace movement with a weapon called corporation brigades and US Kids Army of Friends.
  • Galactical Justice: A Comic Oriented Sci Fi Movie for Super fans Of The Bizarre universe of Humans abroad, in the dark parts of the Galaxy. A section of the most powerful super heroes on Earth is in charge of a fronteer at the end of our galaxy to prevent other species from the universe to visit the Milky Way, their mission si scheduled for one thousand years.

2 Scripts written beginning June 5, 2009 by Fred Vidal, PhD online on WordPress. Protected worldwide by WordPress, Fred and French Cop LLC.

Hobbes' Leviathan Inspires Vidal For a Sci-Fi Offensive Inspired By Hierarchy and Discipline Plus Fantasy and Heroism.

Hobbes' Leviathan Inspires Vidal For a Sci-Fi Offensive Inspired By Hierarchy and Discipline Plus Fantasy and Heroism.

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