My New PRESS RELEASE: RUSSIANGATE Before TRUMP’s Impeachment. / FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOcKeR Album, Managed By Mike FULLER, Shadow President. / FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN, Frederic VIDAL’s Masterpiece To Be Produced From NEW YORK. / The XXth Century is Finished A Second Time in 2017, USA. /

This press release is also on TUMBLR with important additional texts by Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER:


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CLEOPATRA VII was the wife of JULIUS CAESAR. CLEOPATRA VIII was the girl friend of MARC ANTONY. The 2 sisters were cousins and the 2 Romans were more than partners, ASSOCIATES. CAESAR was the #1 in ROMA and MARC ANTONY, his best adviser. Unfortunately the 4 people were neutralized by other Romans who did not like EGYPT like them. I, Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER, love my own CLEOPATRA IX (you know her name, her picture is below), as JULIUS CAESAR II. We are not in ROMA or EGYP but in the US, in the US-A. To you, readers of the US-A and the US-B (also for readers of the US-C and the US-D). Our destiny is to stay ALIVE and never EVIL thanks to the HOUSE PUNK.


2017 in THE USA with BrAmStOcKeR.

by Mike FULLER (aka Frederic VIDAL).

Before BrAmStOcKeR’s FAKE PUNK debut album, there is in New York the FRENCH COP and the Shadow President.

After 40 years ‘off the record’, the 1977 punk band decides to mix house & rock for a commercial breakthrough. Frederic VIDAL, BrAmStOcKeR’s founder, is also Mike FULLER in the other dimension, US-A.

Part 1. Comment of a New York Times article.

In France, nothing new. My project of VIIth Republic is accelerating the change of the future 51st State, the Country of LAFAYETTE and NAPOLEON. In WASHINGTON, the new WATERLOO was in March for the Republicains against TRUMP and me, the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

Mike FULLER, political nickname of Frederic VIDAL.

Postscript. BrAmStOcKEr is an INTERNATIONAL BAND, French and American but also British and even RUSSIAN thanks to our connection with The PUSSY RIOTS. We are sad after the attack against the subway in St PETERSBURG. The RUSSIANGATE is obviously the first step of the IMPEACHMENT of a President we nickname P.M.U.R.T.  He won’t be judged alone but with his partners: CLINTON, OBAMA, BUSH and others. French politicians who were against my US Presidential candidacy in 2016 will also be prosecuted in NEW YORK for this lawsuit, nicknamed NUREMBERG 2: HOLLANDE, SARKOSY, ESTROSI, CIOTTI.

More social content:

Maybe, it won’t be something else than a DRAFT if the SOCIAL AND POLITICAL JUSTICE decides to support an EVOLUTION that cannot be a real REVOLUTION but a FAKE ONE, like our album FAKE PUNK is promoting the concept of RELATIVITY. Let’s be careful and ambitious like JULIUS CAESAR with CLEOPATRA. He was the real Founder of the ROMAN EMPIRE. 

I am changing my environment, my context, my universe, my structure and my system: the United Nations, ACD (American Cultures Department), FRENCH COP, BrAmStOcKeR, TIMefraMES are the new values and concepts I imposed to myself. My favorite function is 2X x Y/2 = Z. It’s the right dimension for our life on Earth and New Earth after 2025. SciFi is creative and flexible to understand.

Part 2. Email to the music producer of FAKE PUNK (and others, for movie first but also for medias).

14 = 16 is our motto. Our group, BraMStOcKEr, is the main Punk comeback from 77 to confirm we are 40 years later. Our album project FAKE PUNK is a possibility to be commercial because we were previously a social band from France. In America, we have this ambition to be a part of the alternate culture like a new ‘AEROSMITH’ but more involved in the New Age of the 2010’s. ‘The BEATLES’ were not the band that could empower the 60’s to the Flower Power today. The House music is our program of rehabilitation, me Frederic VIDAL with Jessie ANDREWS who is a Porn Star but also a DJ. Here are the links to her Soundcloud account and the link to mine:
BrAmStOcKeR Twitter account:
1. FAKE PUNK concept.
The social content is important for the marketing and the packaging of a musical product like a band and a CD. The title FAKE PUNK is a good slogan that is the first part of a sentence including REAL PORN, another expression meaning also the contrary FAKE PORN, REAL PUNK. What is real, what is fake? We must be sure that teenage culture and adult entertainment are compatible. Our group BrAmStOcKeR is also executive producer of a film project FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN’ a thriller of Science Fiction, in pre-production with HOLLYWOOD (this saga for a movie franchise with merchandising, like a video game, started in 2006, more than 10 years ago). After this decade of organization of an Universe of literacy and cinema, this first motion picture is our next project after FAKE PUNK (probably with the actress Blake LIVELY).
2. HOUSE and PUNK together.
The present axiom is: To have the discotheques looking like a stadium for a reunion band. I believe in this target that is to play the best music for our fandom that can be massive thanks to our Web universe of Twitter but also Facebook and a WordPress blog. The counter culture is a reality we express thanks to our manager Mike FULLER (my nickname). He is the Shadow President, according to our knowledge and the writing of our stories for movies. In WASHINGTON, he’s the Biker of the old Route 66 to express our feeling of the American Dream, in a chaos of problems from the 2016 Presidential election.
3. The album production.
To schedule the sessions of the recording of the 12 songs will be in a second time. We have first to prepare a demo of 2 songs that will be P.M.U.R.T.’ and ‘My song is like a Hamburger’. The 2 songs are already composed and the lyrics ready (like for the 10 other ones). Would you be available in May to be with us and already now to produce this first deal. We could release a first CD (1,000 copies) to diffuse in New York in the show biz and the underground environment of the House music and the Punk, nationwide too, to be sure we will sign for the distribution of the album with the best company on the market for us.
4. Your role in the band.
I could check on your website you are a House DJ and a producer but also a musician who played with ‘GUNS’ n ROSES’. We need you because we are looking for an indie producer of the album with our label TIMefraMES Records, a brand managed by the nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department). The Rock music and history did not want to welcome us until now in their ‘Wall of Fame’, wrongly, we were refused in France in 1977 but also the authorities were hostile a little, in France, in Great Britain and the United States. In 2017, the situation is not the same, we will prevail with our new lineup of two musicians, me and Jessie, Jessie and me, advised and produced by you, a producer and artist who knows what music needs.

UPCOMING: Letter to a lawyer.


I am the entrepreneur of FRENCH COP and FAKE PUNK, 2 products for the entertainment industry. The first is a ilm, the second is a music disc.

I will write you a longer email today to tell you what are my goals and why I need you as my lawyer to produce and commercialize them.


Frederic VIDAL (4/6/2017)



It’s not like before, we are in a DECADE OF CHAOS that is managed perfectly by OUR SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Mike FULLER. PoWeR to the PeOpLe! FV

In the 60’s, there was the FLOWER POWER and the VIETNAM WAR on the other hand. Nobody was the WINNER but 50 years later, the NEW AGE in DC.

There’s a risk of CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON, DC in APRIL like in JANUARY. President TRUMP isn’t the YELLOW SUBMARINE with the song P.M.U.R.T.

BraMsToCkEr wants the CBGB to reopen in LAS VEGAS. This club was closed in New York in 2006 and it’s a shame. FAKE PUNK promotes the CBGB!


Blake LIVELY is an ARTIST who is ready to join our TIMeframes CONSORTIUM. I want her to be FREE and no more victim of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. FV

Frederic VIDAL & Jessie ANDREWS are the best LINEUP for BrAmStOcKeR in 2017. FAKE PUNK is an ALBUM of 12 songs of PUNK & HOUSE music in NY.

April 5

Our strategy is CORPORATE and MYSTIC as the BEATLES were singing SHE LOVES YOU but also LET IT BE without being connected enough to the real

MAINSTREAM, the American one of Frank SINATRA and Elvis PRESLEY. Us, BrAmSTocKeR, in New York for a 2 titles demo recording of FAKE PUNK, we

are totally understanding that the SHOW BIZ is different than the ROCK MUSIC that is not our Universe. We are HOUSE PUNK anti-Harassment. FK

I’d like to have PWC, consultant for FAKE PUNK chance to get a GRAMMY AWARD. We’re so LALALAND sometimes but our Musical will be BOWIE YEAR.

Jessie ANDREWS is a DIAMOND and I am the RING. I want her in New York with me for the recording of the demos of P.M.U.R.T and HAMBURGER. FV

After all, we will have the eternity to meditate about the sense of FAKE PUNK concept album. The track listing is the reply to our NEW AGE.

April 6

Hi! I’m Frederic VIDAL in New York. Yesterday I met a lot of people in Manhattan and today I continue to diffuse my FAKE PUNK PRESS RELEASE!

When the cover of TIME Magazine? Tomorrow maybe, on FRIDAY. We deserve this promotion to complete our FAKE PUNK strategy to INVADE nothing!

BrAmStOcKeR tweets are here to diffuse the NEW AGE tendency of our Year of the ROOSTER. P.M.U.R.T. must create a SECRETARY OF THE ARTS. JFK


Frederic VIDAL, in the US-B but also the US-A, is managing the RUSSIANGATE, second title of his Book in preparation, THE USA. TRUMP to move.

ASSANGE and SNOWDEN: we need them in the United States of BUSINESS (the US-B). I, Mike FULLER, don’t want to prosecute these ‘dissidents’.

In the US-A (United States of AMERICA), these 2 persons (Julian & Edward) has the obligation to REPLY to the US JUSTICE. They will JOIN us.

April 6.

JULIUS CAESAR: it’s a fantastic story that WE WILL EXPLAIN TO THE 21ST CENTURY as the United States of America are an EMPIRE TO MANAGE SPQR.


It’s the D-Day preparation for the files reopening of the McCARTHY COMMISSION. KENNEDY was with MONROE and KAZAN not so much with STALIN. TS


The TIMefraMES FRANCHISE is important like the McDONALDS and the STAR WARS franchises. Created in 2006, it’s BrAmStOcKeR plus HOLLYWOOD. JFK

The BOYCOTT against the FRENCH COP Universe is wrong and illegal if it’s confirmed that a network organizes ANTI-NETWORKING and SLANDER. JFK

Our Album will be a famous Concept CD and Web Studio Concert. FAKE PUNK will express the mood of NEW YORK and the feeling of LA for CHANGE.

April 6

I’m more than ever writing and singing PUNK SONGS that are now HOUSE music too! This is a GIFT I got: the TALENT is the result of a CAREER.



The election of a new President was not fair in November, last year. Now, there is a chance to vote again in November this year if we believe enough in democracy and I will be candidate as Mike FULLER for a modernization of our Country and to forget these 100 days of a billionaire at the White House who was from New York, not from WASHINGTON. I’m ready to federate the opposition to Donald TRUMP and I will be more and more accepted as the SHADOW PRESIDENT, meaning the leader of a counter-government of the Web and of HOLLYWOOD. The majority of the Americans is not satisfied and it’s time to stop this crisis in DC by refusing the chaos and the storm thanks to the Congress. I was there March 21 and I will write to a Representative an email tomorrow, explaining what I advice him to do for the end of this situation of a Country not validating his President. Frederic VIDAL, PhD.



2015 XBIZ Awards Show

The 2015 XBIZ Awards Show at the JW Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on January 15. 2015


TENDERLOIN is my location in the American SHADOW CAPITAL of SAN FRANCISCO (SF). Unfortunately, this area of the City is DISABLED and not anymore the center of the music business with LIVE VENUES and the historic 1960’s Pop music platform for the GRATEFUL DEAD and the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE.

BrAmStOcKeR is responsible of this situation, partly. In 1977, the French and American band could have played there, it was not too late. Consequently, there will be an answer to all the homeless people located there and waiting for some improvement of the culture and the economy.

The SOCIAL CONTENT of the album FAKE PUNK that we produce in NEW YORK CITY will explain that to be punk is to be ZERO BUDGET. If you are rich, you’re a FAKE PUNK. If you are poor, you’re a REAL PORN, try to improve you budget to be rich if you can.

Blake LIVELY will visit TENDERLOIN with me, Mike FULLER, this year, I schedule, to show how much HOLLYWOOD is sad to see POVERTY so extreme and DRUGS in the streets so obviously. She is my girl of the GOSSIP TV show. I will play for her LOVE ME TENDER, on a MTV – TMZ program of REUNION TOUR.

Read her biography:


WASHINGTON POST: (comments signed Vidal4Senate)







On Wikipedia:




No Trump, No Joke! As US Politics Still Delusional With Even Insane Main Candidate, The Right Medication Appear To Be Mike Fuller Breakthrough In September And Election in November To Organize The Change Of Era And Prevent The Chaos To Continue!

Trump as an icon of ancient times in present times meaning POWERIZED.

Trump as an icon of ancient times in present times meaning POWERIZED.

TIME magazine cover of this week shows thanks to contemporary art how much Mike FULLER’s blackout still this Summer is devastating the polls. The GOP #1 runner is frozen by his own napalm. With his Jr challenger already in the Medias Circus, it would have been a duet less eccentric.



New polls have Trump down nine points nationally and 14 percent in Virginia:
Donald Trump Continues to Lag Behind Hillary Clinton in New Polls.

Thomas Spears: “Never seen before in the US, this situation shows how much we are AT A HISTORIC MOMENT for our Society and our institutions continuity and evolution. The Democratic candidate, Mrs. Clinton, has the equivalent of delusional context-environment with FBI and her emails ‘multimedias’ problems. Consequently: MIKE FULLER SOLUTION more than ever the lucky one in a very short term will CALM DOWN THE COMPETITION by creating a third pole of communication with operational content but visionary one.


Meanwhile Frederic Vidal is writing to the Judge:

Frederic Vidal, A picture by Duffy-Marie Arnoult. Copyright © 2011 WireImage (A division of Getty Images, Inc.) All Rights Reserved. 

Frederic Vidal Letter to the Judge, on Google site:


I am sending you this message by email to tell you I will not be able to be in Los Angeles on the 18th for the court meeting you scheduled and I apologize about it. I am still in San Francisco today for the Presidential election campaign and I would like to reschedule my hearing next week because I cannot move before.

I am preparing a note for you about my house problem in 2009-2010. The plan of this study is the following one. I will complete this report in the next 2 days.

1. As a homeowner, I was managing financial difficulties.

2. As a politician, with my fictitious name Mike Fuller, I was candidate for the US Senate.

3. As a filmmaker and rock underground celebrity, I was isolated more and more since 2007.

4. As an entrepreneur, I built my universe of intellectual property.


first published on August 16, 2016, in the afternoon, on

Post #8 – 2016. Historic Day #3 With Des Moines To Say No To The Clinton Vs Trump Duel Today! Vidal Fuller Starts Web Campaign: “We Will Celebrate My 59 At The White House If You Support Me, Step By Step, Beginning Now!”

This morning of February 1st 2016, Election Day in Iowa, on Twitter:

Last Tweet until now:
More questions and answers will follow about delusional possible November CLINTON vs TRUMP Duel. Nobody wants that except their supporters!!

About opinion polls, it’s obvious that when you’re not registered you can do nothing. Next.

vidal 1Today, it’s the Iowa Caucuses. Sure Donald Trump will be high. He was unknown in politics.

fuller 1Donald was famous as an entrepreneur and a media host. He had no political background. Why?

kelly 1Americans have enough of Old School Washington DC. Nobody there satisfying them. I approve.

spears 1I invite Hollywood 2 do more politics like me: McLuhan predicted XXIst century with Artists.

vidal 2I began in 03 as an immigrant back actor in 1st Daughter with Katie Holmes for Bastille Day!

fuller 2

kelly 2I believe in destiny. In 16, we don’t want to continue like that: Washington TO UPGRADE now.

spears 2Background, not anymore. Routine = bad. Trump is a myth, I AM A LEGEND, a small one, he’s

vidal3not Patton. GOP overdose: voters show in opinion polls their ballots are not for blah vete-

fuller 3rans. Change = me IF YOU WANT IT. But there is a frontier before to join the Medias. How to

kelly 3cross it? WE WILL SEE this month and further. A good presentation file, a press agent, a

spears 3budget and a tour we need. The program? We have already everything said on Twitter!! Let’s

vidal 4wait and see the results of Iowa tonight, Then, New Hampshire and super Trump polls! I AM

fuller 4MORE READY THAN HIM TO GOVERN. My nickname is Silence, I don’t like to speak for nothing.

kelly 4It’s why I wrote until now on Twitter and WordPress. It’s Feb. and I’m gonna begin to speak!

spears 4a

We will celebrate my 59 at the White House if you give me YOUR SUPPORT, the Web one, STEP BY STEP beginning now! !!!

We will celebrate my 59 at the White House if you give me YOUR SUPPORT, the Web one, STEP BY STEP beginning now! Frederic Vidal alias Mike!


President Of The States: A Man From 25 But Only A Candidate According To WordPress! Frederic Vidal Breakthrough Is Upcoming, Not One More Time A Dream But A Reality With Nashville!

President of the States: the title of the debut album of BRAMSTOCKER, about 40 years after the interdiction to commercialize the band by the French and American public and corporate authorities because we supported the real Sex Pistols in Great Britain, a repression followed but also the beginning of our cultural revolution: human rights and civism without corruption and human trafficking, to promote everywhere for the USA to govern the planet with DEMOCRACY and BILL OF RIGHTS.

Man from 25: TV show project by TIMEFRAMES LLC about me as space time traveler form 2025, like Jerry Seinfeld playing my own role.

On 12/11/2016

15/16: the synopsis. from Nashville, Thomas Spears explains the tragedy in the US, MOURNING IN CALIFORNIA. No W No L

15/16: yesterday I played my 12 songs at the Idle Hour on Music Row and recorded the show for a double CD. No W No L

15/16: BRAMSTOCKER will release the live album of 60 minutes in Los Angeles this month with new packaging. No W No L

15/16: BRAMSTOCKER and me, frontman have press on our side. CNN, TIME. MTV and TMZ are 100% ready for us. No W No L

15/16: GERMAN SPY feature film next 15/16 with porn: Conv. X Biz Jan 12-15 Andaz, LA. PiG

15/16: this is my program and my decision. I will send an email to the FBI to control Authorities don’t refuse it: 2015/2016. Frederic Vidal

In my short film 15/16, it’s about sex and politics, journalism and DC show biz, quality Palme d’Or Cannes Festival, for SONY Pictures only.

15/16: welcome to Tabloids in DesMoines, Iowa where I’ll be with my film against all Al Capone style candidates thanks to Jessie Andrews. FV

15/16: Jessie Andrews is the potential great actress I can film to make a masterpiece movie to promote CORRUPTION PREVENTION and LOVE. FV

A new blog to be connected with our central one on WordPress.
Record the address:

Second main blog:

He was the first, I will be the last one, ptobably, as after the amendment I will decide with the Nation, there won't be anymore a White House like before.

He was the first, I will be the last one, probably, as after the amendment I will decide with the Nation, there won’t be anymore a White House like before.

List of texts in preparation below will indicate links
to other pages on other sites to read absolutely when I am in LA:


Presidential election is written on our agnedas for next year, 2016. We can decide to understand it better.

Presidential election is written on our agendas for next year, 2016. We can decide to understand it better.



Alert! BreakinG NewS: Fred VIDAL’s TIMEFRAMES Proposes Creation Of A US TABLOID CODE In The United States!!

To RegulatE, TO CONTROL (like Comics Code From The 50’s To the 90’s?), We NeeD In This COUNTRY A TABLOID CODE, because of TheiR strange NEWS

TF: US COMIC CODE Was Necessary At Time Of EXCESS Of Publications Diffusing VIOLENCE And ADULT CONTENT To Kids! Now THE PROBLEM Is TABLOIDS!

TIMEFRAMES historico-synchronicity: Now THE PROBLEM Is TABLOIDS! They Don’T WanT 2 StoP TheiR ATTACKS Against STARS, Representatives Of USA!

When Time Has Come To Be Ready, A Press Communique Is A Release By Fred VIDAL, PhD To You, Journalists Who Deserve It, As A Wave Of Love! and tenderness, NOW!

BreakinG NewS:

BreakinG NewS: Fred VIDAL’s ENTOURAGE & CORP. Team BACK On BLIP For NeW ProgramS MUSIC ROCK, After A BreaK and Same PROG Since January 2009!


Writing In Progress


The  New HOLLYWOOD Has A Name: TIMEFRAMES, A Group To ThinK SMART about The Future Of Our COUNTRY: THE MOVIE INDUSTRY, And Our NATIONWIDE, Country Business. We Need Music SHOW BIZ To Join Us To Finance Hollywood, We Need A New Rule Of DIALOGUE Inside The TIME FRAME Of Our Time Life Below The Hollywood Film PROD Sign!
Come On, Join Us And Let’s have FUN Together. DRINKS Are FREE!!


TIMEFRAMES Press Release:


Interruption ACTIVITIES Production FC LLC

Development Help NEW STEP  Hollywood
(HollywooD BiS aka Hollywood 2.2)

Better INSERTION OF Music Business
(Co-Financing FEATURE FILMS Projects, Video-Shorts)

More PATRIOTISM To be Developed In Hollywood/Timeframes

(HollyWoodland EVENTS/PARTIES, December 13 And 24
at Rockcliff Drive, Headquarters Of TIMEFRAMES)

Organization BOYCOTT Of American ‘TABLOIDS”
Against ENTERTAINMENT Personalities
(Example: Brad PITT And Angelina JOLIE)

(and a SET/FILM Not A Networking Event)
Meetings With SAG/AFTRA Community
And Anti-MANIPULATION & Pro-Harassment Policy.

2/ PERSONAL POINTS Of Fred Vidal &
TIMEFRAMES Press Release:

Music Not OnlY But Principal ACTIVITY
with Screenwriting And Novelism
(F-COP: Aftermath, VelVeT EyEs)

for TV-Shows SITCOMS, Series And Features

As President Of TIMEFRAMES

A Song That Remains The Same, With Band’s LovE On EartH Inspiration, VIDAL Taped For Youtube, the VideO: FOR YOU! (FV – ASCAP) In October, Dedicated To Actress/Myspace Friend Blake LIVELY, As A Courtoisie Report of His Love for Her!

– Open Mic Series –

BreakinG NewS: TwItTeR

Communique: Fred VIDAL SufferinG of Beginning FLU Is Canceling Open Shows UNTIL MONDAY 7, December 2009. We Apologize For The Inconvenience!

FRANTIC – “My Life’s Style DeterMines My Death Style – BIS” – “This Search Goes On!” – “This Search Goes On, On AnD On!” METALLICA 2 wake up

TUE, December 1: TRIBAL CAFE, 1651 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, 8pm

WED additional: December 2, THE STONE BAR, 5221 HOLLYWOOD Boulevard,  90027, 8:30pm

THU, December 3: BLISS CAFE, 1249 Vine St., Los Angeles, 7pm

FRI, December 4: UnUrban COFFEEHOUSE,  3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 7:30pm

SAT, December 5: LIBRARY CAFE, 800 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, 5pm

SUN, December 6: CANTER’s KIBBITZ ROOM, 419 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, At 8pm

TUE, December 8: TRIBAL CAFE, 1651 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, 8pm

TRIBAL CAFE, 1651 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles,


THU, December 10: BLISS CAFE, 1249 Vine St., Los Angeles, 7pm

FRI, December 11: UnUrban COFFEEHOUSE, 3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 7:30pm

SAT, December 12: LIBRARY CAFE, 800 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, 5pm

SUN, December 13: CANTER’s KIBBITZ ROOM, 419 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, At 8pm

TUE, December 15: TRIBAL CAFE, 1651 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, 8pm

TRIBAL CAFE, 1651 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles,


THU, December 17:  BLVD. Cafe,  7310 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

FRI, December 18: UnUrban COFFEEHOUSE,  3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, 7:30pm

SAT, December 19: LIBRARY CAFE, 800 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, 5pm

December 20: CANTER’s KIBBITZ ROOM, 419 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, At 8pm

HEART to HEART, A Magic Formula Pushes Fred VIDAL To His TOP, without Game Or Synergies, With The Synchronization Of The RealitY, GRACE And EfficiencY, ModernitY Is A Definitive WORD To Say YES To The World!!

SYNCHRONICITY Timeframes: TIMEFRAMES Decides 2 MIXERS Headquarters ROCKCLIFFF DRIVE / DEC 13 + DEC XMAS 24! You InviteD. MASSIVE Campaign!

Hollywood: A Sign Of LOVE Or A WEAK Sign?? Mike FULLER Decides!! now

The Press Release Will Be A Letter To HOLLYWOOD Too!

BLOG: Hollywood: A Sign Of LOVE Or A WEAK Sign?? Mike FULLER Decides!! now

Hollywood: A Sign Of LOVE Or A WEAK Sign?? Mike FULLER Decides!! now. A WEAK LOVE, I Never Heard About That, A STRONG SIGN (of love) I Can!!

Let’s Leave For another PLANET For 1 Hour That Means 5 And ReaD The TEXT/WORK Almost FINISHED! HollYwooD Story MEANS LEGACY, I said that day

UnUrban Coffeehouse, Santa Monica, CA, Friday December 4 On PiCo: NEXT STOP/Floor/Step/Stage/Etape/Date! FOR YOU! 4-YA!

NEXT STOP FoR The NEW STEP, Yes, I ThinK So! Yesterday, GG Atmosphere/Set Look-a-Like AT TRIBAL Place, FridaY Fred KELLY ContexT Of VARIETY!

 In HOLLYWOOD, They Develop smt TECHNICS OF PERSUASION 2 PrevenT ACTORS To Develop TheiR CAREER The Way They WANT (i’m best example for that)

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