Against Barack Obama, A Dictator About To Collapse In A Country That Needs A Change In 2016: THE DEMOCRACY, Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller Starts His Worldwide Diffusion Of His Medias Communique To Become The Next President Of The United States of America!

NEW (July 9): read my medias communique on free-press-release


List of diffusion:
. 7/7/2016
– The Guardian,
– Nice-Matin,
– Moscow Times,
– New York Times,
– The Spiegel.
Letter to the Press
Dictatorship or Revolution? Democracy deserves only one!
To be a Presidential candidate is not something easy. I must show tot the press and the medias, nationwide and worldwide, I am the right name to follow not only in the newspapers. For that, I propose you this checklist of the main comments about the reality of my objective: to get the Presidency. I am available for interviews beginning now.
Also, visit my 2 sites and my 2 blogs:
Frederic Vidal a.k.a.
Mike Fuller


Medias release.
Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller, US Presidential candidate
critics and propositions against dictatorship in America.

From the 6218 Rockcliff Drive in Hollywoodland, Los Angeles until the 10, avenue Notre-Dame in Nice, France before to comeback in America, October 16, 2015 to start his campaign to be President, Frederic Vidal has always been a leaderand a supporter of Roma in the ancient times, the origins of our Law and Civilization with their principle, the SPQR. Consequently, from California, its headquarters, to the United Nations in New York, begins the diffusion of Frederic Vidal Medias Release, Senatus Populusque Romanus.

FEC form:

I am registered as a Presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission (#1648, ID: P60021870) and famous on the Internet with a successful blog.
I am a Web candidate supporting the subculture and the minorities, waiting for more diffusion and the vote of an amendment.
I was a write-in candidate in June and in 2010, accepted by the State of California for the Republican primary after a first campaign to be US Senator in 2010.
I want to be A GUEST CANDIDATE. I am an artist (songwriter-performer and actor-screenwriter) and a self-made-man.

I have the feeling I am blacklisted and there is some defamation that I would be a crazy man. I must have a bad file at the National Security Agency (NSA).
This is against the BILL OF RIGHTS and the liberty of expression that is crucial in a democracy.
I never got a press article (is it because anti-Semitism of the Authorities?)
I want this to be cancelled (my name VIDAL is Jewish but it is not my religion).

I have a band and a company that are looking for more fame in Hollywood.
I wanted to marry a girl, she was a victim of human trafficking.
I propose a new McCarthy commission to solve the problems of the fake couples.
There must be an AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT to manage the artistic community.

The population and the businesses are OK to support my fight.
But the Mass Medias are not enough interested in featuring my candidacy.
There must be an alternate Nuremberg Trial to organize against neo-Nazism in America.
NEW AGE AND FLOWER POWER are the solutions to reduce corruption in the Congress and at the White House.

Mike Fuller2

Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller backstage at the eve of
Day, ready to be in the mass medias.  


STAY, for July 4, 2016 now associated with July 14 in Nice, France as
a new press release about terrorism and politics is upcoming.

On Twitter

I’m inviting the UN to decide the exclusion of the US for their collaboration with Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust (if the investigation confirms it).”

I am like late Elie Wiesel, a survivor of Auschwitz and I want to be President of the United States with my Jewish name VIDAL. Anti-Semitism in the US prevent me to have the press.”

Latest Tweets on

REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: JULY 18-21, CLEVELAND, OHIO. My Speech against Human Trafficking, titled HUMAN BEING, will be released on the 20. FV (July 16)

Hollywood-Washington Clique intensify its dysfunctional activity before Cleveland, 18-21 (GOP Convention). Solution: my speech: HUMAN BEING. (July 16)

Hollywood trafficking in Hollywood and nationwide is against American Dream & Beat generation, inspired by France partly, sadly. Human Being (July 16)

On Twitter 7/17/2016

CLEVELAND Republican Convention 7/20 Frederic VIDAL intervention TWITTER PREVIEW. HUMAN BEING vs Human Trafficking.

Frederic Vidal’s ‘HUMAN being VERSUS human TRAFFICKING’ Twitter PREVIEWS

1. 2025. 2025 is far away for nobody. We have the duty to confirm it: NO PLANET ANYMORE IN 26 maybe. Let’s prepare it.

NEW EARTH. I would like to see you there. I send you a ticket with love! It’s not so far away, from the original planet.

2. KODAK. Kodak almost past away. It collapsed not forever. The brand is back if we want it. This will be my choice.

APPLE. APPLE is #1 for goods about high tech. Investing in technologies is the 2010’s Eldorado with this 2nd US flag!

3. 1945. 1945 was the end of the war. I can swear it was the last world battle for the power hegemony. We have the UN to ckeck.

FRANCE. For Bastille Day, there was no more jail available for the king to invite his people, just Houses of Rights.

4. GRACE KELLY. KELLY is me, my artist name like my mother was princess who passed away in 1982. Before, she was in Hollywood in thrillers like FRENCH COP.

BLAKE LIVELY. BLAKE is her ist name, the las tone to be popular when human trafficking was a rule not accepted by herself but imposed by DC.

Post #4 – 2016. Mike Fuller Alternate Universe Is A Reality TV Show Project Titled SUB2B For CNN In Atlanta. 3Days Seminar Begins On Friday, January 22 Before East Coast Storm.

From Friday to Sunday on

Our seminar motto: F R E D  P R E Z




Mike Fuller is like a super-hero of our political times. His comic book will be available this year but his election is still a challenge: how to be in another dimension, from A to B: you must be interdimensional.


1st Day – Friday: Introduction.

2n Day – Saturday: Plan (culture, Politics)

3rd Day – Sunday: Conclusion.

Like a permanent fairy tale, to be socially drunk, like that it’s manageable.
I am here but I was not ready.
We don’t mind about the past, we care about the future.”

Mike Fuller


Robert Templeton’s portrait of President Carter,
displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC.

The Private to Public Campaign Institutions with Mike
for Fred to be Pres.

SUB2B, third organization with GOP2 and ACD (American Culture Department) to support Mike Fuller 2016 freelance Presidential candidacy. 

LAMF (Los Angeles’ Mike Fuller) 4th organization (LA to LA) supporting Frederic Vidal cultural candidacy in America (Vidal is Fuller, Fuller is Spears, Spears is Kelly)
with 5th: LAHQ, logistics nationwide center for Mike to be Pres as Fred.

Science Fiction inspiration is background
of this post-NASA race to ‘Stop Trump’ and reduce Clinton.


As a space time traveler, Thomas Spears can only
be neutralized by an extra-terrestrial entity and
he’s Ok with that.

1/22  messages On Twitter

We are at JIMMY CARTER PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY in ATLANTA. Seminar starts on Twitter and WordPress plus Facebook. MF

Welcome to my 3D Atlanta Seminar until Sunday: HOW TO WIN AND WHY? Mike Fuller, 2016 US Presidential candidate. 1/22

I’m not only SciFi, I like Crumb, Frazetta and Jimmy Carter. TO BE ELECTED IS TO BE TRENDY AND SMART. Clinton-Trump:

they won’t make it without us, Vidal-Fuller. Read the article: Alternate history inspiring next Headlines: FRED PRES

Mike Fuller: Hello to this Seminar everybody! You look good. Welcome to my campaign for a smarter America. Do you know Mark Antony and his story in ancient times Rome? He was with Cleopatra, his Wonder Woman. They wanted to govern the Roman Empire together but it did not work. There was Octavius, future emperor Augustus, who stopped them. He was first with Mark Antony to manage Rome, the 2 of them, after the murder of Julius Caesar. Octavius was the winner of the Actium battle on the sea. Then in Alexandria, he pushed the couple to commit a suicide. It makes me think about Trump and Clinton who want to control the election. I will be their Gaius Caesar, Octavius Augustus, preventing them to stop democracy. They’re massive in the medias but a new Actium battle will take place. Julius Caesar is Bill Clinton. In New York, we will defeat them with our fine strategy of subcultures promotion. The new Rome is dedicated to the Web and with this new medium, we will show we are a majority of minorities. Thank you. Have a great seminar guys, for FRED PREZ. Don’t forget we say SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL.

Mike Fuller, introduction speech. HOW TO WIN AND WHY? Seminar, 1st day. Read Rome history:

1/23 messages on Twitter.

Mike Fuller: hello for this seminar 2nd day. This is the monster storm on the East Coast guys, a dozen of governors decided the state of emergency. It’s sad, America in this cold wave that can kill. LET’S ADVICE TO EVERYBODY TO BE CAREFUL AND TO STAY AT HOME ALL THIS WEEKEND except emergency. Regarding the Presidential election, we are now less than 10 days before Desmoines. This is a shame, The Iowa without us but we will be there, just not on the ballot. We selected another strategy to win the election in November: to start the primaries in the New York State in April. For that we must be ready right now. We know the other Republicans are living a nightmare, to have Donald Trump #1 in the polls. The ideology of Trump is really different than the GOP. He’s 100% Wall Street, a business man, what a torture for his competitors or maybe a necessary pain that I can reduce with my own candidacy. I’m the contrary of Trump or maybe another kind of business man. First, I invite Jesus to my campaign, he’s a religious name but for me also a political one about solidarity, partnership, individuality and respect of a God. 2nd inspiration, Karl Marx: a politician, not me. 3rd name I would like to tell you, the French Michel Crozier who studied how does it work in companies like it works also in the society in fact: WE ARE ACTORS IN A SYSTEM, playing a role that must not be a game. We don’t play when we do politics. The Congress is not a casino at all. Actors we are to play a script that is not total impro. There are rules to respect. 4th name to have in mind: Jurgen Habermas, a German who told us there is a communication that is collective between the population without the mass medias. Before the press, there was already a complete knowledge of what was happening in an entire Country. It is the same: press and medias, they comment, WE’RE WRITING HISTORY. MF

1/24 messages on Twitter.

Mike Fuller seminar HOW TO WIN AND WHY? 3rd Day. You know, there are also joke candidates, it’s not my case. Joke candidates, they are jokers. They are not bad, like Mrs. Allen in 1940 with her Surprise Party. But they are not realistic and have not a program to be elected. Press review: They have a message to improve politics and they express it with humor and irony. It’s fun but we are a lot more than that. We are a real party, the GOP2 and if our program appears revolutionary, it’s because we need important reforms in America. It’s easy to say a candidate is delusional, I say it for Trump, even for Clinton. Donald Trump, he’s an entertainer, he’s not better than me, I’m not worse than him. I’M NOT RICH LIKE HIM. All these candidates, they have a billionaire to support them or Trump, he’s a billionaire himself. Today, I want to tell you how much I am satisfied: our seminar was very useful. Our visit this morning at the Martin Luther King Center was so important to show how this leader had our motivation to change  the rules of this Country when they are wrong. What is wrong now: almost everything. In the 2010’s, we must have a general amendment of the constitution to modernize the Federation and to finish this repression against the Web and the minorities. We’ll be elected for that. The Americans have enough of too much authoritarianism and brainwashing. I was DEFEATED in the 2000’s. This is a big deal. I’m still weak because the worst happened: no film, no more house, no more family, no career as a politician: they refused my write-in US Senate candidacy in California, in 2010. It is possible to ask for a revenge. After a defeat, we want a VICTORY. I am a CHAMPION and this time, they will be defeated. We will fight for our rights, you, my supporters with me, Mike Fuller, your leader as we have two great qualities to win against these Republicans with their strange elephant (Trump) but also against the 2 Democrats in November. We are an ARTIST and a SCIENTIFIC and more an UNIVERSITY researcher. This is our chance: to play nicely the card of the entertainment until April and New York. We are songwriter and actor-filmmaker, we must use our profession in the show biz to continue on Twitter & Facebook our sweet tweets of light campaign TO PREPARE THE OPINION. Our defeat of the 2000’s will be only a bad memory. Rendezvous in LA after Atlanta. I am YOUR candidate, NO JOKE! Thank you, folks. This seminar was great. No Desmoines, No Iowa. See you in New York, April 19, 2016. MIKE FULLER

Conclusion. 1/25/2016.

Thomas Spears: this weekend seminar was great with the 3 speeches of Mike Fuller. I think we are closer to the reality of it. In Atlanta, we could repeat what is obvious from the beginning. We are for a world that will follow the United States. We are the IVth Reich, after 3 bad empires: Rome, Napoleon’s France and 30’s-40’s Germany and we are in fact the contrary of an Empire: A FEDERATION. We inspired The UNITED NATIONS after World War II. We must continue now against Terrorism and Conspiracies of World War III. Our Federation is strong enough to inspire more than that: The UNITED COUNTRIES of the World. With Jesus and coordinated with the Vatican, we can do the contrary of a segregation A WORLDWIDE PARTNERSHIP supporting a 2nd time what Martin Luther King did for the African Americans: EMANCIPATION and Rights the same than ours. Marx inspired Communism that had worldwide ambition to help for development. I’m with Ted Turner a lot against ideologies for economy and information age leaded by the USA with Coca-Cola, CNN and so much more great brands and international companies. ALTOGETHER with Washington we can UNIFY THE COUNTRIES in a Public Sphere studied by Habermas respecting their DIVERSITY and the Third World will not be so poor anymore: ARABIA, ASIA, RUSSIA and EUROPA, all these continents are BROTHERS in a GLOBAL VILLAGE explained by McLuhan. Thanks to the Web, let’s prepare this America of the 2000’s, 16 years after the century beginning. Michel Crozier told us: NO BUREAUCRACY. Other candidates are losers and liars: they want their personal success, NOT MIKE FULLER, the NO JOKE candidate. TS,_Marquis_de_Lafayette,_Jr.


Los Angeles Mike Fuller (LAMF) like this album
title, remembering Johnny Thunders, ex-New
York Dolls guitarist who passed away in  1991after
his masyerpiece in 1977
in London UK:  The
HEARTBREAKERS. Punk is one of the US subcultures.

Heatbreakers – All by myself

On Twitter

Hollande est le Pétain du socialisme et son Hitler est Jean-Marc Ayrault qui confond juifs et contribuables pour un Auschwitz des impôts.

François Hollande doit rendre public ses déclarations d’impôts avant mi-août afin que nous puissions enquêter sur sa fortune cachée ou non.

Obama pourrait retourner au Kenya, sa nation d’origine pour y apprendre l’instruction civique après avoir traité Romney de Twitter voleur.

Barack Obama is invited to Kenya after his first term for a second term on location to be useful for his second Country as he is African too.

The obsession of Human Trafficking and Sexual Harassment are against the philosophy of BRAMSTOCKER™, my band, that is now about to call FBI.

The murderers of Hollywood are located everywhere and they targeted a theater in Aurora, Colorado to give us a lesson that we don’t accept.

Illegal drugs, women treated like animals (almost) and ideology of fascism imported from Europe are the reasons why a terrorist gang killed.

François Hollande, the French President must be interviewed and studied about what we’re talking about: this awful war against our freedom.

Hollande gives a bad image of France in the United States as he is not married, obviously doing love affairs with his female “ministers”.

Paul McCartney was sponsored by Queen Elizabeth II for diffusion live on stage of The Beatles music but did she know he’s from Hare Krishna?

Hollande must resign because of his ambition to shut the mouth of the French who are against his policy. Police is everywhere to control.

Obama-Hollande, the same style of Presidents who manage their powers for personal goals and privacy celebration of their ego domination.

The Inter-Letters™ #28, 07/25/2012 (Wednesday). Ubiquitous (Ubiquité) : Une Question De TANKS!

Existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent: ubiquitous fog; ubiquitous little ants.

Je présenete le M1 Abrams et je l'appelle Ubiquitous

Je présenete le M1 Abrams et je l’appelle Ubiquitous

Countdown starts.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #47: War against Sexual Harassment in America. Katie Cassidy, hostage of the Obama Horror, the worst of the Human Trafficking that harass women worse than Hitler did to the Jews. But Nuremberg 2 is upcoming (in your theaters too). Putin will be also invited for a questions-answers about his respect of women and his hate against drugs.

The drugs cartels of Mexico are going to be calm down by the Medellin Cartel (Columbia) and the US Army (District of Columbia). In Mexico, this is obviously the result of an extreme violence, in fact against themselves, realized by professional of the most awful crimes, in the middle of a civil war caused by their competition as several mini-cartels are in war for the direction of the illegal drugs markets plus other black markets (arms, corruption prostitution, other products). In Columbia, there are still guys working for the distribution of cocaine worldwide. They are still located in Cali and in Medellin even if the founders of these two big corporate cartels are in jails or dead. They are not Ok with their Mexican cousins, restless and immature and fragile and killing bodies.  Consequently, it is the state of emergency in California (secretly decided by the Governor, probably) before a possible George W Bush kind of strike of the US Army to protect San Diego and the border, a sort of Iraq war in North America that we cannot prevent anymore if the President of Mexico does not decide to call the United Nations for a Peace Plan to reduce this civil chaos on its territory, a destabilization of the United States. Our Eagle will have the last word. Why? Because the Mexicans want to extend the Sexual Harassment and the Human Trafficking in California, especially in the movie industry where there are the most beautiful girls in the world. Their value is extreme and the punishment of the gangs playing that business will be extreme too: (living) Hell.

Katie Cassidy against the men who want Human harassment and trafficking. 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Katie Cassidy against the men who want Human harassment and trafficking. 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #47: The father of Mr. Obama must be evocated in order to hope that there will be a solution about the White House that his son must leave in January. It is not the Kenya in the US, we cannot accept leadership without morality (even if Africa in 2012 is not anymore corrupted by France or other European States).

Obama is still the same problem for our Country. His Obamacare is respectable but the second part of it is the Obamagate, the dark side of his plan for healthcare about treating citizens like consumers and employees, not like regular Americans of the XXth century. I believe in the dad of Barack Obama, a 100% African who passed away a long time ago to give us a Senior experience about what an Obama cares. He is close to African values and not occidental minds, we are not Europe but we are more occidental than Africal (a new word). In one word, truce, it is now that the campaign for the Presidency has to become wiser, lighter, brilliant and strategical. Romney is lost in the Midwest, preparing nothing really good for the future (us, Republicans, our duty is to express what is dysfunctional when it is a fact). Them, democrats with their masterminded President, they are looking for more good times at the White House but I am afraid it won’t last forever. Mike Fuller, the name I am preferring is a name of consensus and tradition, arts and industries, money and fame without danger. So, the legend of Mike begins not in Tampa Bay but August 1st on this screen, the pirate media of the Intervision™, next the main expression of our American Communication. Wait and see.

Barack Obama Senior, the real Obama, a shame he passed away, with him we could hage get the New America together. This time, no problem, we'll do it anyway. He's protecting me.

Barack Obama Senior, the real Obama, a shame he passed away, with him we could hage get the New America together. This time, no problem, we’ll do it anyway. He’s protecting me.,_Sr.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #47: Woman is more important than man and the half-sister of Barack is the right person to express it with a testimony about the real personality of her famous family member. Michelle Obama is the mastermind of her husband and she is accused of exciting him for more and more cultural violence and destruction of our independence. Human traffickers are like slaves dealers.

Maya, half-sister is a good example for our African American community. She is not rigid like her brother, she is not angry like him, she is not proud of herself like the man of Washington, the big boss we want to resign because she’s smart and pure. African-Americans, don’t accept your representation by a President worse than any other one in our history for the following reason: he is using you to get more authority and personal networking with the white and nothing for you back. You have to build your opinion about what he is doing 24/7 except blah blah blah: pictures of himself thanks to the TV and the Press that don’t understand they are doing a mass propaganda against your community. We need a League of the African-Americans mixing democrats and republicans all together in a vision of America today about citizenship and opportunities the same for everybody. Obama is not a guy from the ghetto, not at all, he would say, so he is guilty to be the puppet of the Caucasians and obviously you are the victims of that. If Mike Fuller is elected in 12 at the supreme position, he will hire a BLACK CHIEF OF STAFF. I am this Mike and the African American’s name on this Blog, August 1st.

Half-sister of B. Obama, Maya Soetoro-Ng (half-sister of Barack Obama) at the First State Dinner in The White House. 24 November 2009. Author: Wikiman2222.

Half-sister of B. Obama, Maya Soetoro-Ng (half-sister of Barack Obama) at the First State Dinner in The White House. 24 November 2009. Author: Wikiman2222.

): FRENCH POST™ #47: Paul McCartney wanted to rule the Earth, he will have another kind of Beatlesmania, the process to stop illegal drugs worldwide with a Ground Zero for Junkies.

Where is Linda McCartney? She passed away, we want to know what really happened in her life as there is a buzz about the bad temper of her ex-husband who is thinking he’s the #1 hero of the VIPs of the Rock generation. A rock syndrome against rock’ n roll itself, a music for women and against drugs still in progress thanks to my band BRAMSTOCKER™ still scheduling a first album, like the first man on the Moon, with a pure hard core quality. Hard core is not sexual but sensual and girls will decide what to do against Paul if he is guilty (of persecution like never before in humanity history). The music of The Beatles was against women and love, for a reality with slaves and boys using them for pleasure only, the pleasure of torture their body for sex only.

The Planet must be the Planet of the United States, all the planets together in only Country, the States United for a greater world and society to have less wars and peace as a principle of government.

The Planet must be the Planet of the United States, all the planets together in only Country, the States United for a greater world and society to have less wars and peace as a principle of government.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #47: La France a besoin d’un vrai patron pas de chômeurs au pouvoir.

Les femmes vont se révolter en France, elles en ont marre du droit de cuissage et de l’armée pour l’imposer. La mentalité de la population est inacceptable et elle doit changer, si nécessaire avec une loi spéciale bien plus forte que celle contre le harcèlement sexuel. Les hommes qui considèrent les femmes comme inférieurs et serviles parce qu’elles font des enfants sont des singes plus que des hommes et les singes ne doivent pas se sentir insultés par cette comparaison. Il faut instituer des classes de rééducation, comme celles qui existent aux Etats-Unis concernant les crises de colères qui se soignent avec les cours que l’on appelle d’ANGER MANAGEMENT. Cela doit être organisé très rapidement étant donné la nouvelle attaque du terrorisme sexuel dans notre pays, associé au phénomène Hollande qui a voulu concurrencer Sarkosy en matière d’attractivité de virilité publicitaire.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Marc Bolan.

Tanx, le Tank de la Plainte contre X que j'ai déposée.

Tanx, le Tank de la Plainte contre X que j’ai déposée.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: Madonna au Stade de France le 14 Juillet 2012.

The Internet Revolution Is The Result of A Double Film About Roswell And Nuclear Franchise, Two Of A Kind Of Motion Picture That Break The Rules Of The Reality Show To Create Science Fiction!


In 1950, a family in America was always ready to go to the basement when necessary because of the COLD WAR in progress. Three years earlier, in 1947, the city of Roswell in New Mexico had a bad dream: an alien arrived not from Mexico but from probably another planet. It created a double reason why an amendment of the Constitution became necessary. No visitor from something else than Earth can immigrate in the United States, according to the regular Police, WRONG meant the Press. A Country like Russia is able to destroy a whole continent like the GOP one, 50 States together for nothing else than being afraid of a Hiroshima revenge for its entire population: unacceptable according to the International Law that was not followed anyway by the UN. Consequently, the last amendment of our Constitution must reinforce the Right to live and to become a citizen, even when there is a risk of war and a danger of invasion.

Roswell is a small town during the war and there is no reason to stay there more than two days when you are a tourist. In Russia, the main problem is the offensive of Adolf Hitler and of its Army including the great new Luftwaffe reactors of the Messerschmitt’s, planes of a generation that did not yet begin abroad like the V2s, high tech explosive rockets that were about to be built after the end of the conflict by the Soviet Union and the United States, hundreds of them because The Reich was the leader for the space.

The pilot of an Unidentified Flying Object did not decide by himself to land on our planet. It must have been certainly a mistake as he never sent a message to inform that he was inviting himself for a while that never ended. The being criticized not to be human by the Authorities was more than an animal, he was a driver, of a ship half destroyed because of the crash but obviously impossible to build on planet Earth, a too sophisticated produce of future technologies.

60 years later, I am not the only historian to compare the nuclear missiles inspired by the V2s until the present SS-20 and the US Army Pershing and the Roswell legacy, to believe in the life after us, the human kind is not alone in this galaxy and life must be shared with the aliens, that is to say we are cousins, part of the same continuum, genealogical tree.

2 films are under construction to propose the clear and necessary truth about it.

Frederic Vidal.

and Post-Scriptum France and USA.

F-Cop Aftermath: CONSENSUS About Computers In Our Dreams Except September 10! A Masterpiece by Mike Fuller, Novelist of the Post French Cop Franchise!

The new Episode is in progress and online before Sunday, October 3, 2010? NO, TOMORROW OCTOBER 8, 2010 for a big SuRpRiSe!

CONSENSUS About Computers In Our Dreams Except September 10!

From A Sun To Another Star!
F-Cop Wants To Jail Bin Laden In The Sinai!!

Bin Laden is another criminal who could be in jails but it’s Liu XIAOBO who is in jails, is it right? Please Chinese Government, RELEASE HIM NOW for His NOBEL PEACE PRIZE to be respected!! No, it is not right of course and we must continue the fight against this dangerous organization, Al-Qaida, that F-Cop and his own Counter-Terrorism Organization, Dark Pol Special Fights (DPSF) is harassing worldwide! F-Cop (Vince Sauvan, back on Earth after his legendary travel to other galaxies) is a man, more than a super-hero (even if he is one of them ready to be published by Marvel Comics Group or DC Comics, or IMAGE), who don’t like TOTALITARISM and he is doing an offer to the Terrorists: Stop the Terror and Found a State of Peace on Earth, I will give you the Sinai to do that, it’s in the Bible and Israel and Egypt will agree!

This is the Event of the day, so call everybody you know and tell the news that Osama must become wise and accept a trial that could begin right now in order to judge his crimes and terrorist orders. After that, he would be jailed somewhere in the new State of Peace on Earth that Al-Qaida (after renouncing to terrorism) would manage for the United Nations according to their Agreement with the UN, the USA, the Arabs and Israel: to STOP DEFINITELY TERRORISM and War Against The United States and Europe.

The DPSF, DarkPol Special Fights succeeded to decrease the number of pro-Bin Laden attacks in Afghanistan but the Taliban Problem remains and Pakistan is a bad Allied Country that must do better Right Soon because this is Crucial for our Human Race. F-Cop, from New Andromeda, the galaxy far, far away, at the end of the Universe, was thinking about all of that when he was there, and he is still there according to Space-Time theories. He was/is somebody busy, busy about so many missions regarding the rules of this other Galaxy that is organized strangely, reuniting so many species of human beings and other beings belonging to a Civilization that is different, with an Emperor and a great number of UFO to travel everywhere, from a Sun to Another, from a Sun to Another, from a Sun to Another.

October 8, 2010
To Liu Xiaobo, From a Friend to Another,
From a Friend to Another!

September 30: TONY CURTIS DEAD! TONY CURTIS DEAD! read my twitter news:

About the Senate Election, November 2, Mike Fuller Selection Pic:

Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2009. She had surgery that March, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. We want her to be Happy and Calm down. You are not the One we Need to BEAT The BOXER that has a Lead of 7 points! VOTE VIDAL Carla and Read Fuller, On WordPress!! You inspired Mike for the F-Cop Computerized Saga!

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