President Barack Obama Succeeds To Sabotage (just for one day!!) The Campaign Of Fred Vidal, PhD, Helped By The Republicans Who Prefer The Red Carpet and Accepts To Let The US Congress Managed By Hollywood Stars (for just 8 more months): The CLIQUE Was Back Then Left!
White House Correspondents’ Association Diner: THE CLIQUE of the Red Carpet! Barack Obama Succeeds to invite THE LOOSERS Of Hollywood For A Diner Against The Values Of Our Party And Population: AMERICA! The Republicans who were there to prepare the communication with the Movie/TV Industry specialists in order to sabotage Fred Vidal, PhD Campaign In California for the US Senate were showing their Project to prevent Us to Get the Congress Majority in November!
BIPARTISAN, this is their program to support a President who has only the Hollywood stars as supporters in a sick Country because of the crisis and the Louisiana disaster. Hollywood organizes with the democrats a TOTALITARISM of The Red Carpet In DC and The Responsibles are The Anti-FULLER of The REPUBLICAN PARTY (a Hollywood Clique inside the Clique). They accepted the invitation of a President who has to stop his manipulation of the Mass Media ASAP, according to the International Press and the majority of the people on location in our 50 States.
The organizers of Yesterday’s CARPET AND DIAMONDS PARTY don’t want somebody else for the White House in 2013, they want George CLOONEY and Matt DAMON Prime Ministers and the Actresses of this Harassment Industry as the Spokewomen of a Regime that has nothing to do with the UNITED STATES now but looks like the USSR of the 1960’s and 70’s!
We Accuse A System Of Propaganda creating a FEATURE FILM of FAIRY TALES (like a political Reality Show for a Pilot that will stay without other episodes) to make us dream in a social and economy NIGHTMARE! We Want To Wake Up! Dreams are Not Reality.
This Marketing of the democrats and the Press/TV is a Super-Production of weird Steven Spielbergesque specialists, connected to the Republicans, that is organized in order to BRAINWASH US, the US CITIZENS who want to be Patriots and Activists for the Respect of the CONSTITUTION of The US: In New York at the same time, TIMES SQUARE was the victim of a Terrorist Alert and in LOUISIANA, the panic of the Obama Adminstration shows that the Federation is unable to manage the regular work that is necessary!
Let’s pray for our FUTURE and think about a Possible VICTORY In NOVEMBER that will mean: NO MORE HOLLYWOOD and LIES In This LAND OF THE FREE!

Best regards from MIKE FULLER, PhD

I will be INVITED AT the White House in 2013 As an ELECTED President (of the United States)!”

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Today (May 3, 2010) Front Page of The  WASHINGTON POST Shows A Big Picture of Barack OBAMA, President of the United States, in the middle of a Talk about The Louisiana Nightmare, showing that Work is more Important than Fun when The Country needs Care and Support! Hollywood is a bad memory and “Yesterday is… SO FAR AWAY”! (Lennon-McCartney)

The Crisis In Louisiana because of The Sea Disaster of The Gulf Oil Accident Is The Main Problem in Our Country Now with The Risk Of The Terrorism Connected To The AFGHANISTAN War! The White House Is The Target of a Manipulation of The U.S. Media and the supporters of Barack Obama who Want a Star and Not only A President Working for The Future of America are inspired by a bad movie, A Charlie Chaplin One: THE DICTATOR. A star means a DVD maker, a President is more a TV Leader and a Radio Speaker for a Newspapers Writers' Inspiration to diffuse the Programs Of His/Her Policy regarding Social, Economy, Foreign Countries, Culture and Homeland Security, mainly. Personal Admiration is something that deserves a FAN CLUB NOT A PARTY!

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