Update Saturday, June 6: FROM FICTION TO REALITY. The LA Times Front Page informed of a public tragedy this morning that looks like the story of the opponents of The Man With The Velvet Eyes at The Prague US Embassy in the 1920’s: To be a spy against his own government when you are paid by it. Fred Vidal, PhD screenplay is conceived to be a hyper-realistic work based on fictional history that helps our authorities to prevent this to happen again.


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EPISODE Velvet Eyes Of The Day: The First Computer Was A Mirror.
This Crucial Episode was written Friday Afternoon, June 5, 2009, Pacific Time on Fred Vidal, PhD Blog Space!

 This is a  Computer-Written Script written beginning May 26, 2009
by Fred Vidal, PhD online on WordPress for a Movie to be produced in
Hollywood in 2009. Texts, characters and idesa are
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by WordPress, Fred and French Cop LLC.

At the beginning, there was a path… to the technology. They had the orientation! The machine called light.

Velvet Eyes was a strange fellow, never looking in a mirror because he looked to the past and the future in books only, before the creation of the comic books, at the times of the first daily stories with images looking like your life in the newspapers.

He had in his office a bizarre mirror with a portrait of The Prince of Waterland, a fictional story by a local novelist, on his desk. The computers were waiting in the far away past, synchronized with Egypt and unnamed alliance Countries. It was written in a book unknown by the Americans that Gloves found one day in a market organized by the promoters of religions competitors of the Catholic one.

Diamond Girl’s husband didn’t know copies but only written by hands letters and with a mirror, he looked to the signs on the paper and received a reply of the other side, beyond the mirror. It was the tradition of espionage to choose the right space, a dark light, and to print and paint in the brain the message with a candle’s light doing the brain of the reader, in a location on the foreign side of the fronteer.

Computer is a piece of the human mind! This idea sounds fantastic and wrong  for a lot of those who don’t believe in real lives, but god only knows why the Mirrors decided to transfer, communicate and send slowly the waves of the power from a Land to a File of words in the mouth of the translators hired to read the double sense of what is saw on the screen. No telegrams except for the timing and the letters of the sentence had been sent to the other mirror, the twin one at the train station first with a system of liars and lost bodies and the work of persons called liasons.

Interactions are events that finish sometimes with a huge scandal. The newspapers were written in English when the most secret celebrities of the times were informed that a news was missing, lost from a mirror to another. Velvet and Gloves broke after that tragedy a mirror everyday in their life.

Secret agents of the secret agents, the legendary couple was about to buy a mirror factory to extend their power in the European countries. The truth about all of that was not said before the XXIst century.

Fred Vidal, PhD
June 5, 2009
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Mirrors are the perfect followers of your ideas and the very first specialist for computer organization, thanks to your mood and the light, the Internet is an image from your Face.

Mirrors are the perfect followers of your ideas and the very first specialist for computer organization, thanks to your mood and the light. The Internet is an image from your Face.

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