November 24, 2015

BRAMSTOCKER with Fred Kelly.
Songs by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP-SACEM) for BRAMSTOCKER debut album President of the States.



On Twitter

In 2 days, it will be Thanksgiving and the time to begin this final countdown to the fantastic deadline of Christmas or for others to New Year’s eve. I, I will play tomorrow for Thanksgiving’s eve, a new concept to explain that even without a family you can be happy and celebrate a good turkey that could be a record deal  when you have not yet a profession, you wait for it.

So, Xmas next and New Year’s eve, 2016, January 1st, the following day. Then begins the Holiday Season for everybody in the United States as we must not be too much concerned by global threats, terror will always be terror and terrorism will not prevail like Hitler and his Germany that were too terrible and ambitious, preparing a IIIrd Reich worldwide.

We don’t want this sort of totalitarism not able to manage the society in a way that has to be human, we’re not machines. Terror the same has no illusion about human kind and wrong their doctrine because there is always some hope WE WILL DO BETTER. This is the feeling and the message I want you to share if you are Ok for these very last weeks of 2015. This year has been not disapointing at all but we have been obliged to struggle, to fight like never, in order to get what we want, what we deserve, what we need: a victory, a daily life success or a historic one, it depends.

For me, for you, there will always be a possible consecration and 16 will be the confirmation of it. So, have a great Thanksgiving, everybody, in December it will be the conclusion of the year, a month with all the gifts before Christmas, the result of the 11 previous months, time of comfirmation we made it.

Frederic Vidal,
Presidential candidate not yet validated by the US,
songwriter of the song President of the States.

On Facebook

I chose my turkey for for Thansgiving, Jennifer Lawrence, a brilliant actress who is more than that and for us, Americans, a great Lady with a charm and a smile that are unique and we needed that. I am as usual busy on several scripts with irony and not trauma I will do my best but not one more time to delay the production, on the contrary, I will accelerate it. I have this short film project, 15/16, I would like to shoot in December just before Christmas BUT I APPEAR TOO MUCH AS THE ENEMY NUMBER ONE since I landed in Baltimore, October 16.

To be the Public Enemy Number One, at the level of the legal people, I don’t accept it, I am disturbing nobody, it’s a comic book dispute, but I can check the Americans are not feeling well tom see me alone in the streets, sleeping in a rescue mission. I hope next week to be able to have my own flat in Nashville or I will be already in LA. For now, dear Facebookers, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING, this Jennifer Lawrence will show us the way to 2016, another year I want Presidential and for you of an upgrade Web with the philosophy of it.

I am sure I will find a solution with the authorities to be in the medias, I am not not Joseph Goebbels, just a regular immigrant who wants to be featured like Donald Trump because the principle of equivalence. There is no reason for one not to have the right of the other if the two are equivalent, mentally, socially, politically AND I SWEAR TODAY I AM THE SAME THAN DONALD TRUMP, we’re not too much different at all, except the money but it’s a lot secondary.

Except the money but it’s a lot secondary. So Trump in 5 letters like Vidal in 5 equivalent letters, it is the reality and I demand to the Nation to be informed there is something delusional in the air. Don’t cvall me Donald but call me Fuller as a treatment.

Frederic Vidal


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