Blake, I Love You! This Message From Fred Vidal, From Monaco, Who Is Mike Fuller To Confirm To Lively, Blake His Absolute Love And Passion To Promote With Her A Project Of Wedding And A Film To Be Chosen In The Collection Of Mike’s Treatments For The Big Screen And A Show For TV As The President of TIMEFRAMES LLC Is The Candidate For A Role And A Part In The TV Production Gossip Girl!
Update (2/1/2010):
Fred Kelly (SAG-AFTRA): Blake, I Will Love You All Life Long! And I Will Never Leave You, As I Am On Earth For You!

She is Her Top #1 Girl  Friend On MySpace And A Lady Who Means Progresss And Intuition For Him As An Actor, A Producer And A Rock Star, So A Call To Her Management Of Minday Will Will Be A Firstonversttion between the 2 Young People Cast For The Hollywood Of the 2010’s: A Timeframes One that organizes SUCCCESS STORIES Only!

Fred Vidal Loves Blake Because He Knows That She Has A Destiny Compatible With Him In And Out The Cinema Show!

Blake Lively, We Want Her Free, More Than Ever, Because Love Gives A Sense To Life And Freedom Is All We Need In Our Life Of Cinema And Privacy!

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