My Letter To Hillary Clinton For Her To Recommend Me To Be In The Press. Frederic Vidal Is Mike Fuller.

November 26, 2015

My Letter to Hillary Clinton For Her To Recommend Me To Be In The Press. Frederic Vidal Is Mike Fuller.


Hillary Clinton can help me to be in the press.

Sent November 27, 1:45pm, from Mashville TN to:

Thank you to read my Letter to Hillary Clinton that is published on my blog ‘a cappella’. As a matter of fact, I cannot join the normal press and TV news and I want  Mrs. Clinton to know it in order to help me to stop this mistake as I can be very useful in US medias.
Best regards.
Frederic Vidal



Hello Hillary Clinton:

I want to tell you how much you are a person I admire as a future President. You are the best example of the United States modernization: a woman at the White House, this is what everyone must want and you are the present politician who is the most competent to be elected.

Regarding me, I have problems to be included in the campaign, I never succeeded to have an article in the press or to be on TV. I am an immigrant and I want to be Presidential candidate, believing in the Congress, the Supreme Court or an Amendment to validate my choice to do my best to be elected.

My knowledge of the Constitution is inspiring me that if an American leader is enough popular to get the Presidency, it is like if he was born on the US territory. Public opinion can decide a personality is useful enough to get the authorization to be President. But first, there are the polls and then the election. If I cannot be known by the voters, we will never know if I could have been validated.

I know how much you are a fair and smart lady, wife of a President. In Nashville where I am located, I was proud to participate in the conference of your daughter Chelsea a few days ago. I have this problem with the press, they never want to publish me in their newspapers and magazines. I would like you to interfere and recommend me to them.

I am a Republican but so isolated inside the GOP. I was in Los Angeles, I lost my house by short sale, songwriter and movie maker, I had too much difficulties in the 2000’s. Back from Europe in October, I could check some social exclusion in Baltimore, Washington and now Nashville whre I live at the Rescue Mission. This is not good, I deserve better for my project to be candidate as an artist and a PhD in order for me to be your competitor of a new style connected to show business. I suppose you will appreciate my decision to inform you that I need your help because I was always thinking you are a good person.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal
alias Mike Fuller

Copy: Judge John G. Roberts, Supreme Court

On Twitter No Woman, No Lie. Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton, I already sing a cappella before to have guitar and press. For Thanksgiving’s eve, I played NWNL A Cappella and Criminal Planet for Hillary Clinton. I met Chelsea in Nashville for a conference at the public Library mid-November and I kept her in mind to find the great area of Music Row, the 16th and 17th avenue, close to Vanderbilt University, with my special location Midwest and Country music, the Bobby’s Idle Hour, where I my American tour that will include ALL MAIN CITIES OF THE MIDWEST before Republican Convention  next Summer. My music is politically GOP.  I want Hillary Clinton to help me to be in the press. Her daughter inspired me to find the Music Business. There, on Music Row, there is the so famous Studio B of RCA Victor, now a museum you can visit anytime. I would like the same in politics with Hillary Clinton to invite me on a TV set before December as I have my 16 propositions ready and the feeling I cannot sing in the medias and I cannot promote my candidacy.

So, I am about to write her a letter for her support. I consider she wants me to express my even in the polls. I can see no other solution. Except my music by mylself like for every talent, music is the best promotion and self-promotion. No Woman, No Lie by my band spirit and style, BRAMSTOCKER, and me, Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller alias Fred Kelly alias Thomas Spears.




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