GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic VIDAL And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

December 30, 2016

GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic Vidal And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

HOMAGE TO IRON SKY, the previous Film to criticize Nazism in a Science Fiction:

Now that Iron Sky, a Finnish science fiction comedy about Nazis from the moon, has a release date and a new trailer out, it’s got us wondering: why do Nazis remain so popular as villains, anyway? We understand that there need to be Nazis in movies about the Holocaust and World War II, but they also end up in a whole lot of B movies that have nothing to do with that time period. After the jump, we explore some of their strangest and most apparently random film appearances.


Synopsis of the Film by Mike FULLER.
(Part 1)

After his victory at the Presidential election, Thomas SPEARS, the German Spy celebrates his first days at the White House with his wife MATA HARI JR., now the First Lady of the United States.

The couple is preparing the 4 years, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 with their team that is enjoying the great organization of the West Wing. They are busy and the President wants to share his secret with the American population: he is, in fact, German, coming from 1939 thanks to the technology of an Alien Civilization that gave him the opportunity to land in America in 2019, 80 years after the beginning of a World War II.

This mission was not at all validated by Adolf HITLER. Spears was thinking he was supported by the IIIrd Reich and this goal is to reestablish it immediately with a referendum. His American Wife took the nickname of his German Lady who stayed in Berlin when he left in the UFO. They were previously actors in Hollywood in the 20’s and the 30’s. Thomas SPEARS was a silent movie star before to be a Secret Agent.


George MICHAEL was the idol of Mike FULLER among his other favorite Icons including me, Thomas SPEARS. I am sure that George represents very well my personality for a first image regarding GERMAN SPY IV: 2020. 

Picture from:

This crucial announcement on TV is sponsored by his present wife who managed his move in the US and his campaign as a great lieutenant of him known as a Porn Star and unknown until then. They succeeded to win on Election Day against the previous President who was tired and unpopular.

The German Spy mission was to speak to the Americans if Germany was defeated at the end of the War that was beginning in 39. His supervisors were sure it would be something unique for the winners to listen to be the Ambassador of the Nazis, telling them words of political tenderness and inviting them to share their partnership with the incredible Extra-Terrestrials helping Germany to be present in other galaxies.

Silence Thomas SPEARS understood, all at once, the Country of ROOSEVELT was not the same at all: they almost forgot about the War and Hitler’s hate except in movies. Only Super-Heroes were still there, on the big screen too. So, he decided to wait for the revelation.

Before him, the politician Mike FULLER tried to reform the American Regime in 2016 but he was not elected because he was from another dimension where he was already President. The popular hero  Frederic VIDAL from France left Earth the same year for an after death trip that surprised all his fans who wanted the FRENCH COP film and his band BrAmStOcKeR music released.

Thomas SPEARS would do all of that obviously as HE WAS THE ASSOCIATE of the 2 inside the INTERNET network! But his goal was really more global: WHAT ABOUT NAZISM? WHAT ABOUT THE JEWS?

He decided to go to Israel for a massive historic allocution in Jerusalem after the IIIrd Reich was accepted by the US population voting against the possibility to change nothing:

(end Part 1).

On Twitter (BRAMSTOCKER, timeframes2020, mikefuller2020, vidalfuller2016).

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR THE WHOLE OF US. 2017 will be our most successful year since we began in the 1960’s, obviously! See you in GERMAN SPY IV.

Hello 2017! Terrible to think my film project GERMAN SPY IV could be refused by ‘HOLLYWOOD & WASHINGTON’. Why not filming it in CANADA? MF

I’m Mike FULLER press manager. I welcome all the US and foreign journalists to celebrate with us 2017, 100 years after 1917. Thomas SPEARS

After Mike FULLER’s letters to HOMELAND SECURITY and FBI, we can feel more optimistic about 2017. 17 is one year before the majority! BrAmS

Putin decides what he wants: He’s the Russian President. OBAMA to continue Sanctions policy against him & his People. LET’S CANCEL NOV 8. MF

I’m sure that the American population will not accept again the Russian Intervention. WE WILL VOTE WITHOUT THREATS NOW FOR THE FINAL CHOICE.

Young People mustn’t accept Russian Attacks against Hillary CLINTON. She lost but it’s suspect. OBAMA supported by BrAmStOcKeR for a REVOTE.

IT’S A DARK TIME IN AMERICA: the mourning of the 2 actresses and Russia interference to prevent our Presidential election to be independent.

PUTIN attacked by OBAMA to cancel the Presidential election in a political fiction against Moscow and Russia. I’m not favorable. No new 39.

Thomas SPEARS is the hero of a new Story by Mike FULLER, GERMAN SPY IV: 2020. I’ll play his role in the Movie starting when he’s President.

OBAMA sanctions against RUSSIA are obviously the worst of 2016 about Planet’s Global Harmony. Where is the NEW AGE? Let’s go back to vote!

I want to know more about the Russian and American dialogue before the crisis and since November 8. It appears Moscow was OBAMA’s friend. TS

Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS are inviting me to produce GERMAN SPY IV for TIMefraMES. I copy that more than everything! SEE YOU ON THE SET!

We will sign the music of GERMAN SPY IV: the film is the main contribution of the worldwide understanding about ISRAEL and its SUPREMACY! Br

ISRAEL inspires me a new GERMAN SPY movie! I am sure Mike FULLER will sign his best film on WORDPRESS first. This is the #4 of the Saga! TS

I want GERMAN SPY IV to be the real first Feature Film project to persuade everybody that NAZISM by Hitler or followers would have been BAD.

CARRIE not anymore. I feel alone in the Holly. Hills with these Obama fans lost before another political star who’s more hated than beloved.

And now, Donald TRUMP! The US are confirming they organize the crisis of their Institutions the best they can. Actors, singers are dying. MF

More and more Authorities will JOIN MY TROOPS of followers, friends and Social Workers in 2017 TO STOP the Holocaust of Hollywood by the WH.

She passed away, Carrie FISHER like everybody else. She was a Princess in a Saga of the Subculture. She is still in our DVDs and dreams. BrA

I wanted to invite George MICHAEL on BROADWAY for the Premiere of BOWIE YEAR. He will be there in the Spectacle as Bowie Young, in the 60’s.

GEORGE MICHAEL (1963-2016) like FREDERIC VIDAL (1959-2016): the biography of FRENCH COP died the same year than the British MICHAEL JACKSON!

GEORGE MICHAEL (1963-2016) & FREDERIC VIDAL (1959-2016): FRENCH COP lost 2 movie soldiers this year: British MICHAEL JACKSON in ‘WIN WIN’!

This is a new week, the last of 2016. We must keep in mind George MICHAEL was SO MUCH 4 US! He’s now with VIDAL BUT I CONTINUE their fight!

HOLLYWOOD MOURNING after GEORGE MICHAEL DEATH: we are nothing in front of GOD. I will replace George like I replaced Frederic, ON STAGE! MF

Shadow President Mike FULLER was for the US VETO at the UN, obviously defending ISRAEL. Not OBAMA and TRUMP is not clear! Happy HANUKKAH! Br

To Politico: There are the US Authorities (FBI, more). They will stop Donald TRUMP if his friendship with PUTIN goes too far ABOUT NUCLEAR!

No more War after all. Let’s fight against the past when it’s about chaos and dispute. WE DON’T WANT ATOMIC BOMB ANYMORE! Merry Christmas!

FULLER writes to the American Authorities on WordPress: ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS, FBI’ is our message about preventing TRUMP to be against the Law!

Only 74 followers! I follow 569 of you guys! JOIN NY NETWORK ASAP to be in my MASTERMINDS CLUB: we can discover New Worlds together or DIMS.

Message to CNBCnow Communication between Russia & United States must be appropriate and following the tradition between the 2 Countries. MF

They don’t want FULLER in New York, TRUMP, his GOP Cabinet people and others involved in present STATUS QUO of his Medias No Show! WRONG! Br

My Message to CNBCnow thanks to my Press Attache Thomas Spears Twitter account MEANS NO NUKES, MR. TRUMP! The US won’t be back in the 50’s!

President TRUMP received a few minutes ago my Twitter message about the fact I propose the ‘NO NUKES’ solution for the United States NOW. MF

I just sent a message to President Donald TRUMP to tell him I promote the NO NUKES solution and advice him not to decide + nuclear power. MF

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER President Donald TRUMP would like More Nukes? It’s probably wrong. Shadow President Mike FULLER told him NO NUKES is best.






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